Calvi card case owners.

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  1. I'm looking at getting one of these for my regular use, it's pretty much my wallet, where i will keep my bus card, credit cards and identification along with a couple of name cards. All in, about 6 cards, not including a namecard or two.

    Will fitting all these in make the case bulge? Is this a case that can hold up to everyday use? Any better suggestions?
  2. I own 5 of them and I LOVE it. It can definitely fit the items you mentioned. I've 5 cards on each side and it doesn't bulge. These cases are not as flat as other regular card cases as they leave lots of room inside I find that if I fill it on both sides, it actually hold the shape much better.

    You should definitely get one. I've some in Chevre and others in Epsom. They are both great leathers but I think Epsom is a better choice as it is firmer.
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  3. Love mine and no bulging! As the other lovely tpf member mentioned, the design is great as there are plenty of room for cards.
  4. I have a total of ten credit cards plus drivers license and they fit no problem. I have another for my business cards and it easily fits 50 cards ( 20-25 each side) ! I adore my Calvis!
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  5. Calvi looks very simple but it is the most functional cards holder for me. I usually placed around 5 cards+ on each side and at times slipped in some $$ and coins. I like the way, the holder open & close by using only 1 hand. I'm trying to get a 2nd one but it's impossible to find anything at my local H store here and ended up buying something from LV. I've placed an order last month and yet to receive any phone call. Go to the store and try it out with the cards in place.
  6. i use mine to hold my earphones on one side. the other side holds tissues.
  7. I have one in buffle gala and it has definitely gone the distance! On one side I have my cards, bus passes, etc and on the other side I have my notes (money).

    It's also very handy when changing bags because it doesn't take up much space at all.
  8. I have one in Chèvre Anemone which I use as a purse. I love it, holds plenty of coins and notes.
  9. Woah!

    Thanks for all the advice!

    Anyone knows how much it retails for in SG boutiques?
  10. I love the calvi card holders. It's a great option, now that all I use are tiny purses! To avoid overstuffing, get two! I have one that holds all my credit cards and essentials...the other, I have my business cards as well as store gift cards. I love how they come in all different colors, I usually go for the super bright colors!
  11. Thank you for starting this thread! I've been wondering the same exact thing!
  12. I just got one and it definitely fits a ton of cards. I've got 6 cards on one side and have room for more (I put receipts in there), the other side I've got 10 business cards, bus pass and still plenty of room for more. Am looking forward to getting another one for cards I keep in my wallet, will never use but feel the need to have them around :smile:
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  13. Love the calvi.

    One of the best accessories ever!

    Mine has about 20 cards and no bulging at all.

    It's also perfect to carry cash in a small purse.

    Can't live without one (and relatively inexpensive in the Hermes world ;) )
  14. What's your favourite calvi card holder colour?