Cal's Collection

  1. My PHH is away so it's the perfect opportunity to take out the bags for their first collective photo shoot.

    1st Pic: Gucci Messenger, Chloe Shopping Tote, Coach Something, LV Wapity

    2nd Pic: The Balenciaga Girls
    Black '05 Shopping Tote, Black '06 City, Grenat '06 City, Pewter '04 First, Grey '06 Compagnon
    MixedBags.jpg BalBags.jpg
  2. wow, gorgeous collection.. love ur b-bags... so pretty..
  3. very nice Cal!!
  4. So pretty Cal! I love the wapity! :yes:
  5. Wow! :nuts: Nice collections !:love: Love the MC Wapity!:love: Thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  6. Sooo nice!! I love it all!!! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pictures!! :smile: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
  7. You have a beautiful collection, Cal!!! Love your Bbags. The grenat City looks just amazing!:love: Oooh and your Wapity is so cute.
  8. Love your b-bags, and the wapity of course ! :biggrin:
  9. Love your collection Cal! You have a little of everything in there! And a LOT of Balenciaga :lol:
  10. You have a beautiful collection, Cal!:heart: I especially love your Bbags!!!:love: :love: :love:
  11. Beautiful collection!!! Love your B-bags!
  12. beautiful collection Cal ! i like it....:yes:
  13. AH! Aw. .you have the exact COACH satchel I wanted. .GREAT collection!
  14. Awwww....thanks ladies. You guys really are the best. The BEST!!!

    Funny, my husband bought me the coach bag in New York a couple of years ago and up until February this year was the only nice bag I owned. Well, chewy on his boot, this is all his fault!
  15. ^ LOL See? Now he cant ever get mad about your spending habits on bags because he started it! Oooh, upper hand! LOL :shame: