Calorie-Free Chocolate-y goodness -- welcome Ms 05 Choco Work to the hmwe46 family!!

  1. With all the time I was spending at work, I really needed another Work, but something a bit more neutral than errm, Magenta :shame: I was beginning to feel a bit conspicuous carrying it into somber VP-level meetings :sweatdrop:

    Along came a puddle of chocolate-y 05 yumminess!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    Special thanks to 'D' :heart:



  2. that bag is gorgeous! Congrats on such a great purchase!
  3. Oooooh you got your yummy chocolate work! Congrats!
  4. LOL! *reading your thread title..
    D, Congrat for the beautiful Choc work!!!
    It does resemble a puddle of choc :drool::drool:
  5. It sure makes me feel like having a chocolate bar. :drool:Congrats on another gorgeous find.:yahoo:
  6. Thanks Galex, Jade, Aki, and Nanz!!!

    I was reluctant to get a bbag in a neutral color but this baby is working it's magic on me :yes:

    And check out the perfect match on the shoes!!


  7. fantastic bag. i love the leather. but those shoes are too perfect with the bag!
  8. OOOOOOHHHHH! Everyone has the best treasure today. I love chocolate, but my lactose intolorance forbids me, this looks like the kind I can really enjoy. Good gravy, that leather is just chewy and scrumptious!!!!! Are the one pair of shoes Chloe from last year? I really need those.... drool is covering my laptop...

    MOdeling pics please!
  9. Congrats on your yummy choco work! I love your chloe shoes too :drool:
  10. I have a sudden craving for brownies and chocolate chip cookies
  11. Thanks Lole and Shasta: the leather is tasty!! :graucho:

    Yes, the two platforms are both Chloes: the sandals from a year and a half ago and the booties from last winter. I have the booties in lace-up cognac too :heart:

    The heels are Guiseppe Zanotti slides with the marble-look heel. Those were my first pair of designer treasures :love:
  12. Erica, VegisVegis: don't you just want a huge sundae drenched in chocolate sauce :drool:
  13. Ooooh! :heart:! The bag is gorgeous and the shoes are To Die For! It's sad that they are not work-appropriate for me (I work in ICU) or home-appropriate (3 kids and 2 of them are boys!) and that I have a bad ankle but they are a true temptation! You can totally build a full wardrobe on just those 4 beauties:tup:
  14. What a gorgey bag ~ Congrats!!
  15. Congrats!! I looove the chocolate work- the work is next on my hit list, and it must have gorgeous, rich leather like that!