Callings all PETITES

  1. Well ladies just curious...I'm a little asian gal about 5'0 (ha on a good day) about 105lbs and am just wondering where ya'll like to shop and what brands fit you best. I'm always on a constant search for a perfect pair of jeans or work pants that I don't need to hem, maybe I'm just dreaming...but I'd be willing to pay pretty penny for good quality and perfect to hear your thoughts.
  2. I usually just buy cropped, lol, and as I refuse to pay more then 50$ for jeans I mostly buy H&M and Esprit jeans.
  3. I'm 5'1 (5'2" in a good mood!) and I've just come to accept that hemming = necessary evil. :P Rather than looking at length, I find the best fit and then hem away from there. I'd rather have jeans or pants that look great, even if it meant I had to chop off 5 inches. (And I kid not. I usually do have to cut off 5 inches or so.. :crybaby:)

    I :heart: True Religion jeans.
  4. I am 4'11" but in shoes I can be about 5'2". I usually buy from Banana Republic Petities online. I love their dress pants and all their skirts and I don't need to hem them. For jeans, I am addicted to Joes in their Socialite Cut and Sevens in Bootcut. I have to hem those no matter what. But the fit is awesome.
  5. For middle of the road clothes I usually shop at Ann Taylor. For a little higher end clothes I shop in the petite department at Bloomingdales. I can't recommend a good brand of jeans for petites because I'm still searching myself.
  6. i'm 4 feet 11 as well. i shop at abercrombie kids, yes and i'm 25. LOL. it fits! i can't really complain too much. i also like jcrew petites and Banana republic petites. but the jeans at abercrombie are pretty nice for 40 to 50 bucks. i bought two pairs of skinny jeans from there. try at size 14 or a 16. i'm a 14. usually.
  7. Thanks ladies, I guess the hemming is inevitable huh:crybaby:...
    Ice - I'm finding myself buying a lot of crop too! Especially with summer it's great, but with fall/winter rolling around I'm preparing for longer jeans/pants. I hear that an H&M store was suppose to opening at the Beverly center...
    Kattie - I totally believe you because I do the same thing. I'm always amazed at how much needs to get hemmed.
    fayden - I've tried abercrombie kids but I find that they are not low-cut enough...I haven't been there in a while so maybe I'll check it out again.

    ...and yea, banana's & jcrew petites are where I go to. My brazilian friend who is also petite always talk about opening a store just for petites...oh how I would love to walk into store made just for us petites
  8. i need someone to make size 4.5 shoes too!
  9. I'm 5'3 and about 95lbs and have accepted that all my jeans will need to be hemmed :sad:

    The best fitting jeans imo is Paige, I cannot believe how amazing her jeans fit me and I have definitely been converted to a Paige lover!

    For work pants I found that DKNY Juniors and Guess has pretty good fits for us. However there is still hemming involved when you find the perfect pair from Guess, DKNY is pretty good with lengths especially since they have the 'short' option.
  10. I am 5" and weigh less than 100 lbs. I have flat feet so I can't wear flats; I'm used to wearing heels every day now. =)

    I am able to buy clothings (and wear them without alterations) from the petite departments at Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, J Crew, and Bloomingdale's; some stores have 00P now as well. You can also check out INC (available at Macy's & Bloomingdale's).

    Some of my friends have to get their pants from Forever 21 whose cuts are even smaller than the stores listed above.
  11. Try Nordstrom. =)
  12. I'm 5' and 105 lbs. I wear a lot of crop pants. I have luck with BCBG jeans/pants, Express jeans/pants, and banana republic. Try the low cut ones, they're comfy. Also get jeans/pants with pocket in the back. It does wonders for the butt. You just have to try on plenty of jeans like I do. And when you find one, get 2 or 3 of them. Good luck and don't be discouraged:flowers:
  13. Wow, I remember when I use to wear size 4 - 4.5 shoes, 89 lbs, in my twenties. I use to have to wear designer shoes coz they're the only ones who made the smallest size. But after each child, and gaining weight from each pregnancy, my shoe size would increase a little bit. After the 4th child, 105 lbs now, I finally can wear 5 to 5.5. But I still have problems sometimes with other shoe makers. Paolo in Nordstrom start at size 4. Paolo start at around $59 and they have cute shoes. Goodluck.
  14. i'm 4'11 and about 105 lbs. i find that banana republic petites are the only pants that i don't have to hem. everything else has to get hemmed.
  15. sevens, juicy jeans. I always shortern them and get the tailor to shorten them with the raw/distressed edges hemmed back ( enveloped around the new length i/o of just cutting them short and doing a new hem... this is an instant giveaway that the pair has been shortened by a $5 tailor!
    cropped capris are aways good!