Calling women with their carlys!!

  1. Ok, I have a big deliema!!

    I went to macys and had my SA put the medium sized black carly on hold. But, I'm still kinda wanting the biggest Carly size instead...mind posting pics of your carlys so I can deicde? :graucho: I know I want the black, I've been DREAMING of this bag for the last couple of days, and ever since I heard about F&F and I got my coupon, I knew I had to get one! Help me!! :rolleyes:
  2. I totally understand where you are coming from!!! I bought the LARGE Denim Carly TODAY, but am trying to decide if it is way too big or if it is just TDF and I can't live without it?!?! Plus the $430+ pricetag is nagging at me a bit!! I'd rather spend half that!!! - especially if there's a bag as cute that will HOLD as much for less!!
    I am trying to decide between keeping this one; getting an ALI or the Hamptons (larger( Weekend Tote in the new BLUE color?!!?!? are the pics I took of me with the Large Carly:
    IMG_1221.JPG IMG_1222.JPG IMG_1223.JPG
  3. I love that bag! I just love the way the large just looks so nice! I'm just worried it would be too big...arg! So many choices hehe! :p
  4. Yep, it is SUPER GORGEOUS and I keep going back and forth every time I look at it: is it PERFECT or is it GINORMOUS?!!?!? I tried on the Medium Carly, too (just a regular style - since no Denim is available in the store) and it just seems TOO small - too hard to carry on my shoulder, etc...)
    I hope we both make our decision soon - and without too much tossing and turning :p
  5. Here I am with my medium black signature Carly (sorry the pic is kinda small)


    For reference, I'm 5'4.

    ETA: excuse my unmade bed :p
  6. haha, no worries, I NEVER make mine! :p Thanks for the pic...the more I think (and now see!) I think I did make the right decision!
  7. you're telling me...I'm still like :shrugs: LOL!
  8. go for the medium one....if you don't carry the kitchen sink like me...
  9. my large carly


    i am 5'1.5ish
  10. I LOVE the look of yours batgirl... The way it slouches adn sits looks so good. I'm trying to decide between that one and the cotton one... But I think I might go with that one ^. Do you have the gold trim?
  11. This is really enabling me to get the black leather lg carly I've been wanting. I think I'm gonna break down during the F&F sale...I have got to call macy's & get a coupon!
  12. yup its the gold, and i love it sooooo much
  13. For reference, how tall are you batgirl? I'm expecting my carly any day, but they do look ginormous. That bag looks pretty darn good on you tho'!

    Oops..saw the bottom of your post. If you're 5'1", then it should be OK for me. I'm 5'4"...thanks!
  14. Love the pic, Purse-o-nality - the large size is very flattering on you!
  15. Thank you! For reference....I'm 5' 8.5"