Calling wickedassin! Where are you?

  1. Have I just been missing your posts?! Come back and play with us!!! :smile:
  2. yessss come back!
  3. Awww--how sweet! I'm here! I guess I haven't been posting as much?!

    I have been "good" though--I haven't been in the purse shopping mode lately--I'm waiting for fall things to appear so I can get a great fall bag.
  4. That's so funny - I've been wondering where you were also!
  5. Oh, there you are! Hi!
  6. Yes - come back Wicked! Your moss Coach bag says hello!
  7. Come on here more often! We need you to restain us from buying more bags. :graucho:
  8. hahhaaa i've missed u too! *blush*