Calling white coffer owners!

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  1. can i please get your feedback on care and maintenance of this bag? is it really hard to keep clean? i know about the dark marks by the rings. has anyone had success getting those out? i love the look but i think it's probably going to get dirty very easily. would love your feedback! if you have pics of how your bag looks after months/years of wear, please do share. thanks! here is a pic of the bag:|65%3A13|39%3A1|240%3A1318
  2. Looks like it's gone, did you get it? I must say I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a while Coffer. I would almost overlook the matte gold hardware I would love a white Coffer so much. In the glazed leather so it wouldn't absorb much in the way of stains. This one looks really gorgeous.
  3. I just brought my first miumiu...... a cream coloured one ....but I'm not sure what I can spray on it to protect it from stains?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I heard that the apple rain n stain is good, but does anyone have any other products they have used and are reliable?

    Thanks :smile:
  4. Hi... I have a pre-owned white Coffer and I use Apple Cleaner and leather care. It works pretty well. For the dark marks by the rings, I also use Collonil Soft Gum (in addition to the cleaner).

    Hope this helps...
  5. Bonnydonna, does your leather treatment work? I bought a light-colored coffer a while back and ended up returning it. For the week or so I had it, I kept it stored in the dustbag. When I finally took it out to use it, I noticed the darkened leather around the hardware and several additional smudges/spots. This was even before the bag has seen the light of day! I gave up right then and there and returned the darn thing. I was quite disappointed because I loved the soia color.

    If you've found the cure, please share your success. And is your white coffer in lambskin? Does the Apple cleaner completely remove the spots? Or was it the Apple leather conditioner? I tried the Apple condition on one of my lambskin bag that had denim transfer. It did lighten the marks, but did not completely remove them.

    I'm very interested to know what results you got.

  6. My coffer came in the mail a week ago, I tried to find apple cleaner and shining monkey but becuase i'm not in the US this proved to be quite difficult.

    So I headed to my local shoe repairer and they advised to use the Collonil conditioner/waterproofer and the Waproo water and stain protector.

    When I applied the Collonil conditioner/protector, it got rid of the darkened leather around the hardware. I have applied the conditioner twice, and also applied the Waproo water and stain protector. I will be applying another coat of the waterproofer today so hopefully it will be stain/water proof.
  7. Hi! :smile: I have that bag too! :smile: I got it really cheap (400 euros incl. shipping), never worn, but it had been a display item so it had some wear on it..Well, it gets all kinds of stains on it.. And it has now been in the closet for the winter and as the spring gets closer I've started to think about what to do with idea that has crossed my mind is to let it wear..Of course clean and protect, but not driving myself crazy, yet to enjoy the bag and maybe see the marks as signs of life..The bag is so freaking gorgeous I don't think a few marks will ruin it's looks.. BUT this is something I've been thinking about, I'm still not sure how I'm going to treat my coffer this summer..I alway stress about wear, but I would also like to enjoy the beautiful design without getting an ulcer.. And I understand the point of view that people like to maintain their bags as pristine..some again wants to wear them..and maybe wear them out.. Maybe it's different with my case, 'cos it had some wear when I got it..and it still is gorgeous :smile: When I got it last summer I asked here about care products, and I was recommended to use Meguiar's (or Meguiars) lotion for car interiors.. I have it, and it cleans some stains..but I have no other products to compare to :/ I would like to know what kind of stuff helps prevent the cleaning process might be easier..