Calling Violet SGH PT owners !!! show up PLease!

  1. Violet is the first balenciaga that make me lose my sleep.

    i love violet , but all people said it a hard match.

    but i saw many of u got violet part time in GSH.

    can leave me some advice?

    is that really that hard match???

    will it make a wonderful daily bag?
  2. violet is a great daily bag - goes great with all neutrals, esp gray and black. I have a first and I love her!
  3. I have a violet SGH Work, and I find it easily matches with my wardrobe... I dont find it hard to match at all... its a wonderful "color neutral" IMO... I wear alot of colors as well as blacks, whites, greys and browns... very versatile colors IMHO...

    good luck!
  4. I have a violet SGH in the brief & it really goes well with just about everything.. adds a pop of colour & it's not too flashy.
  5. I have a Violet City with SGH and think that it's easy to match! In fact, it's the silver that is tricky for me (but that's because my favorite shoes right now are a mustard-color and I don't like that with the silver - it matches the violet well). Hope this helps!
  6. I have a violet city and a violet day, I just got these bags and have used them a lot, they seem to match with a lot. I wear it with grey, black, cream and white and even a dark periwinkle blue. I wear a lot of dark colors in the fall and winter, and I can already see this color will go with a lot. It works for me.
  7. I have an 07 violet SGH hobo. It looks great with lots of colors and don't find it difficult at all to wear.
  8. ya , i think so too !! coz am selling my anthracite for violet
    & i went to the shop and , i feel it not a bright violet it will be ok
    coz violet getting rare!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool people u got it !
  9. I really think you should get the violet color.
    It will be rare as of 2008.....:wtf:
  10. swiss flower sounds u have many violet ! dont ya?