Calling Violet Lady Braid owners.

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  1. I was in Palm Beach for the Thanksgiving holidays and while I was there I went in Chanel.... not a good thing. I came home with the violet lady braid bag.

    Would like your opinions on the bag and the color. Does it wear well with thicker clothing? Would you carry it as an everyday bag?
    I have quite a few black chanel bags. Can't seem to get enough of.

    If you could change would you exchange it for black?

    I have two other purple desinger bags different styles thou.

    Need your help on a decision.
  2. If you have a lot of black Chanel, I would keep the violet. It sounds amazing!!! I don't think you can go wrong w/that but make sure you love it for the money.
  3. I have the violet lady braid and I love it, although I have only wore it twice...but I get tons of compliments from don't seem to care for it as much for some reason.

    I feel it's more of a summer/spring bag and I wear it for day or work. Haven't used it for evening because I prefer smaller bags for night. I think this bag makes much more of a statement in violet, but I do like the black too, I just prefer the violet in this style.

    Which style of LB did you get? Keep the violet- you can always get black bags!