Calling Victorine owners with christmas animation polar bears 2017

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  1. Hello LV lovers,
    Need some help from victorine Christmas animation polar bears 2017 owners please. Wanted to ask how is the wear and tear on this style of wallet in particular, how is your screen print holding up especially at the button section. Is it fading or chipping or is it fine?

    The reason I’m asking is because I’m interested in the leopard victorine 2018 Christmas animation but am worried with the button area, the screen printing may chip or fade.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks as always
  2. Anyone has this wallet? I’m sure they are out there
  3. Anyone have this wallet? Any help would be great
  4. I have been using my wallet once or twice a week since last Christmas. I've had no chipping of the print. It actually looks almost brand new. The only precaution I take is that I don't put it into a large bag, so it doesn't have a chance to rub back and forth.
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  5. I’ve used my wallet quite a few times since purchase (although not regularly) but the print has held up well - no damage as of yet. The only issue I have with it is it’s fiddly to get cards out of the slots at times.
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  6. That’s great to know. Thanks for your feedback. If I get it, it will be my main wallet as it small size but fits a lot. My only concern is the area of the button. With regular open and close will the print there fade. Did you experience any tightness with the card slots or the leather peeling back and the cards stuck to them? I heard that was a major problem when the victorine came out as well. I’m tossing up between the leopard victorine and the zcp catogram so am undecided presently. Do you get much use out of it?

    Can I ask you, if you could do it again would you buy this wallet or would you get something else and why? I’m tossing up between this and the zcp catogram. I like limited edition unique items hence going for this cute pattern. Argh too many decisions. Thanks for your review though. Helps alot
  7. I really think you should get the catogram ZCP if you can get your hands on one.
  8. I have had no fading of the print where you open it. The cards in the top slots are even accessible without opening the wallet. The card slots are a bit tight but no peeling of the lining. Like I said, it looks about the same as the day I got it. I like it so much that I'm thinking of buying the brown one with the brass button.
  9. Thanks for the comment. That’s the problem they are so hard to get
  10. Thanks onepeaches, this is good to know. Thanks for sharing
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  11. Honestly - I would buy it again. The way LV is doing Christmas animation items now it seems that they are getting harder to get. And I didn’t like the giraffe theme last year so I made the most of the polar bear! As for a choice between catogram or Christmas animation.... it’s a personal choice for you. Me? I don’t really like the catogram... where as I love the bears in this years Christmas collection.... I think the question is - which would you enjoy using more?
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  12. I have two victorines: empreinte marine rouge and the bears from 2017 Christmas. I used the bears one for about 3 months straight with no wear then changed back to empreinte. Since there’s no button, I didn’t worry much about it scratching. But I don’t use my wallet a lot on a daily or weekly basis. The card slots are still so tight that it’s hard to get cards in and out.
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  13. Thanks FF, that’s good to know there doesn’t seem to be any problems with the pictures, thanks for sharing
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  14. Most welcomed
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