calling vert anis owners: does it generally come with brown stitching?

  1. I just got a vert anis birkin in swift, and it has brown stitching. I honestly thought it would have come with green stitching, and now I'm not really sure about the brown one.
    I am probably just getting paranoid at this point, yes, I think that's paranoia...

    Anyway, vert anis owners, I just wanted to know which color of stiching your bag has, and also, mine is swift, does vert anis swift come by default with brown stitching? I have looked at a couple of pictures of the bags the resellers have, and I think the answer is yes.

    What do you think about this contrast brown stitching? Wouldn't have green on green been better???

    Please don't throw me tomatoes. I love my bag anyway, I just wanted to know what you think.
    birkin 30cm swift vert anis 3 resized.jpeg birkin 30cm swift vert anis 6 resized.jpg
  2. i think the brown accent is what makes it for me!
    someone else has a green kelly, with brown stitching. i don't think it's swift leather...
  3. TT - the brown is FANTASTIC!!! So lovely. But I haven't noticed it before I thought VA came with white?:shrugs:
  4. I've only ever seen vert anis with brown stitching (which I prefer over green).
  5. I've only seen Vert Anis with brown stitching too. I have to add, I've only seen PICTURES, never seen Vert Anis IRL.
  6. tt, I have a vert anis birkin in togo and it comes with brown stitching. I prefer that for some interesting contrast! the green thread won't probably pop!
  7. i think the contrast stitching looks good~
  8. I have a JPG in togo...purchased in the spring, the first year that the JPG was it's a couple of years old. Mine has geen stitching. And honestly, I prefer a contrast stitch. I have a red 35...also with tone on tone...and I don't like it as much as my gold with white stitching. Just my opinion.
  9. oh i love the brown stitching. i agree- that makes it for me!
  10. My vert anis Chèvre has green stitching but if I remember right, the swift bag we saw together had brown stitching too, TT. It might be the swift that gets that stitching.
  11. I love that it has brown stitching. That is what makes it so beautiful IMO! It is such a beautiful contrast to vert anis and really sets the color off!
  12. My 35cm Vert Anis in Togo also has brown stitching.. I think with this particular color the brown stitching is such a perfect accent as it breaks down the color a bit and adds depth. The brown stitching is definitely what makes it for me.
  13. I don't have anything in vert anis but just wanted to say that I LOVE the way it looks with brown stitching!:love:
  14. My friend has a 30cm vert anis togo and it also has brown stitching.
  15. Agree 100% with everyone above - the contrast brown stitching totally makes the bag IMO. It doesn't really even create that much of a contrast (since the edges and details are that same brown) - it just sets off the Vert Anis so beautifully. The tone-on-tone just doesn't have the same depth.