Calling Vernis Silver and Perle Owners... Question for you

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  1. Hi,

    I am debating between these two colors of small ring agendas. I tried to do a search on the forum, but didn't get helpful information. I'll really appreciate your input. Thank you in advance!

    1. Which color is more durable? Silver or Perle?
    2. Which color, in your opinion, looks better?
    3. Any color transfer problems? How bad?
    4. If you could purchase ANY color of Vernis agenda, which color(s) would you have chosen?
  2. 1. Silver is an older color. I don't think either are very durable in regards to color transfer.
    2. Perle
    3. Yep, on lighter colors this is common.
    4. I'd wait to see if it's coming out in amarante.
  3. 1. Silver might be more durable, simply because it's darker
    2. Perle definitely looks better! so pretty and shimmery
    3. i've had my Perle Bedford for about a little over a year now, and i haven't had any color transfer problems with it at all
    4. Indigo, because it's one of the darkest colors and for something that you use a lot, it would be wiser to chose a more durable color
  4. I had a Silver Houston and I haven't any problems with colour transfer! I sold the bag after 3 or 4 years, and it was like new! But I'm very careful with all my bags. The Houston was standing at the closet always in a dustbag. I have never put the bag in the sunshine, also in the car I was very careful, that my Houston haven't any contact with the sun (behind the windows it's very dangerous!).
    My SA said me, that they have a lot of problems with colour transfer with the new Perle colour. I would'nt go for a Perle! Good luck!
  5. I use my perle agenda every day, but keep it in its dustcloth in my bag. I have no color transfer problems, I also don't have any color transfer problems with my perle cles or Bedford, but again, I am very careful. I never let vernis sit in a hot car. I also don't have any color transfer problems with my silver spring street... but, again, knowing how to treat vernis is important. Perle is gorgeous!
  6. 1. AGREED
    2. AGREED
    3. AGREED
    4. I love it in POMME!
  7. i want one in framboise or amarante!!!
  8. silver also tends to yellow ... I have seen some silver pieces on eBay that look gold! I would definitely go for a darker color also just because you won't have to worry about putting it in your bag.
  9. I've seen silver yellow REALLY REALLY BAD and some yellowing on the perle. I think it's because silver is older and their vernis production was still not very good at the time. I personally like perle better, but I like the silver too...for an agenda, I would get a darker colour, like pomme, indigo, or amarante :yes:
  10. silver tend to dicolour easily
    don't put on dust bag as it can transfer colour much better to put on the shelf but avoid sun
  11. 1. Silver?
    2. PERLE!!
    3. dont have my first vernis item yet......but I will VERY soon! :graucho:
    4. Framboise :love: :drool:
  12. perle is very very durable,
    perle looks better
    i havent has any transfer problems, but i take super good care of mine
    perle is my favorite vernis color!
  13. THank you all so very much for the insights!!!

    I just came across with the opportunity to purchase either the silver or the perle agenda for $160. Such an attrative deal... They both look fine too. The silver one doesn't have any color transfer but the perle one has a little on the edges. arhh... I think you ladies are absolutely right. I need to look for a darker color (like pomme, with me luck) because agenda is going to be used a lot.

    Thank you so much!!!
  14. The silver color vernis will turn green.. !! My mom has a spring street that she never used but last time we check it turns into a greenish silver..