Calling UK ladies - where can I find...?

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  1. ....some black patent Ron Rons in a size 38?

    Long story, I had the Ron Rons in a 38 but returned them because all the sales assistants were saying most people size up half a size and they did feel quite tight in the toe box. So I ordered the 38.5 thinking they would be a perfect fit but they are too big. I have tried insoles and there is still a gap at the back and shows too much toe cleavage. So I feel I should have stuck with the 38 because the length was fine, it was just the toe area and I'm sure it would have stretched - I'm kicking myself now as I can't find them anywhere.

    Has anyone got any ideas where I can get the size 38 in the UK - I've tried Louboutin stores, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges and they have all sold out of this size. Is there anywhere else? I just want them NOW, I'm so impatient!

  2. Pam Jenkins didnt have any black Ron's in Dec ... her website is 'under construction' at the mo but you could email her? She might have some now.
  3. Ignore what i said about it being under construction!! ^^^
  4. Thanks ladies. So Pam Jenkins is an authentic retailer? Not heard of that site before.
  5. Authentic, and she is awesome!
  6. Her little shop is fantastic too, all cosy carpets and sofas, and old fashioned cabinets and lighting :smile:
  7. where is her boutique?
  8. ^^ Her shop is in Edinburgh. I've bought a gorgeous bag from her before and she posted out special delivery for me the same day

    She's really helpful and highly recommended
  9. Sadly, she doesn't have the Ron Rons in black patent. I would even like the Decollete as a second choice, but I suppose they are even harder to get hold of than the Ron Rons.