Calling UGG experts ~ UGG Sunburst Tall vs Sundance II..Help!

  1. Hello! Anyone, please help me if you have either, or better yet both, of these UGG styles and also what is your favorite color between Sand and Chestnut.

    It's insane, but I've been agonizing over "which one" for way too long now. And I'm getting a headache! I have to order online so that is why I can't figure out which is better for me. I love, love, love my Classic talls in Sand, I wear a 6 in those, but I want a different pair with more of a sole because I live in SW PA and it gets really cold and snowy and plus my toe is starting to wear on the classics. I like the idea of the reinforced toe but want something a bit more fashionable then the Ultimates..that leads me to these two styles.

    So here are my main guestions:

    (Oh, and if it helps - I have narrow feet and my legs are thin to average so I am not sure which shaft will work best. My classics fit nicely against my calves. I would like these to fit similiar.)

    1. What is the biggest difference in fit between the Sundance II and the Sunburst Tall? I've read confusing reviews. Some say Sundance is wider, heavier..other says Sunburst is wider but more narrow...others say Sunburst has a wider is made in China, the other in New Zealand ???? both rate really well though.

    2. Which is more comfy? Some reviews say Sundance II has the licker lining and others say Sunburst does! Were they just confused? If not, I am! LOL!

    3. Is one taller then the other? I'm only 5'3. Legs are longer for a short girl, but still..I'm not a tall person.

    4. Color - As if style isn't hard enough to decide on! LOL! ~ Can anyone tell me if I should get the sand or chesnut in either of these styles? I love my Sand classic talls, so I thought it would be nice to get a different color, BUT..I do love the Sand, it's so pretty and goes with everything. Is the Chestnut AS pretty as the sand? I'm afraid it may be the color of a work boot? Or make them look less girly?

    5. Size - do these run big too? I typically wear a 7 in most shoes, the 6 in the classics was perfect.

    Thanks a whole bunch!!!
  2. I have the sundance one's in chestnut and I love em!!
    they are more narrower in the calf than the sunburst. sunburst calfs are much wider. The sole on the sundance is thicker and the toe is more narrow. The sunburst has a more rounded toe and the sole has less ridges.
    Go with the sundance II in chestnut (best combo I think)
    Hope this helps!!;)
  3. Thanks! I did end up just throwing caution to the wind and going with the Sundance II's. That was my Christmas present to myself! LOL - So I'm glad now that I made the right choice. Reading your comparison really makes me happy I went with this style. I really, really :heart: these boots for all the reasons you mentioned. Don't think I would've loved the Sunburst as much because of the sole and more rounded toe. The Sundance are so warm and better suited for our cold weathers. Thanks again, I really appreciate your taking the time to reply. :smile: