CaLLing Turqouise, French BluE, and Magenta owner!!!

Feb 18, 2008
Hi everyone,

i am initerested in buying those bags but i want to know they are better in GGS, GSS, or classic~~~

could you post pictures??

are french blue and turqouise is the same color? coz some pics show that they are the same... or at least in my laptop...



balenciaga :)
Dec 21, 2007
Like fashionispoison said, please go to the reference library and clubhouse to look for pictures. If you type in keywords like "french blue" and "turquoise 08" (I assume you're talking about 08) in the search function, you'll find the threads you want. There's been quite a bit of discussion on both of these colors so if you do a search, you'll definitely find your answers.

As for which kind of hardware is better, it's really up to you. What do you like? GH or RH? Again, I suggest looking at pictures of Bbags with different types of hardware and maybe even looking at the "Pictures wearing your Bbags" thread to get an idea of what these bags look like worn.

Good luck!


Dec 24, 2005
I am partial to the tassels that come on RH bags. I just purchased a turquoise RH city and posted pics in the Feb/March 2008 purchases thread. Also, outpt (I think I have the name right) posted some lovely photos of a turq GSH work within the last two weeks.

I think you might have better luck finding turq than FB, but I could be wrong. I have also seen pale magenta in person and thought it was lovely. Since they're such diff. colors it might be good to evaluate your wardrobe and see which you could carry more often.