Calling Toiletry DE Bag 25. Please, help...:)


Mar 10, 2014
Hello tpf-ers, I have questions regarding the wear and tear of the toiletry DE Bag 25. The reason I ask is I'm planning to exchange my cosmetic case in DE in a large size. As I posted couple of days ago, I found out that one corner of the case faded when I brought her home from the store . And now, all of the four corners are faded. I feel like it's quite ridiculous as I just got the case last Monday. In less than a week, the print of Damier Ebene gets faded. Nooo...

With that said, I'm planning to call the SA tomorrow and if I'm allowed I want to exchange it in Toiletry DE Bag 25. So, for you guys who own Toiletry DE Bag 25. How's the wear and tear? Does the leather lining easily get scratchy? Does it hold up really wear for a long period of time? Please, kindly share the wear and tear. And as always, I appreciate your comments.

I attach the picture of the Toiletry DE Bag 25.


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Nov 14, 2012
I own that toiletry case. I have used it regulary for about 3 month. There isnt any sign of wear and tear yet. -But I am very strict to take good care of my products..