Calling Tivoli GM owners!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I put up a post and pix in one of the thread regarding someone asking if using a base shaper would make your purse seem fake and I answered it "no" and now I have a question of my own regarding the base shaper and thought to open up a forum in regards with my question.

    Here is my situation. I bought a base shaper on ebay and when I try to use it the front side of the bag is perfect but the back side looks wrinkly. my question to any of you who own the bag and uses the base shaper, are you experiencing the same thing? if not, is the look ok?

    Here are the pix of what I'm talking about.

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  2. Try posting the in appropriate thread in the Clubhouse :smile:
  3. I guess that's where I should have posted this thread:biggrin:

    If you don't mind Addy I would like to know your opinion about that wrinkly effect on the bag when using the base shaper. Would you use it or just skip it? TIA
  4. Hiya, I own a GM and I would not use a base shapper! This bag already has feet, so that should be enough to hold it's shape. But I love the way this bag looks with a fab slouch and a great patina, and so I say use it as LV intended, no bag shaper!
  5. Could not agree more! :biggrin: I will not use a base shapper for my Tivoli GM either, for the exact same reason~

  6. Thanks guys! To be honest, I have not use the bag with the base shaper bec. I did not like the effect. So I guess, I'll just have to use that base shaper as a pot holder then :lol:
  7. I have a tivoli and although i dont use a base shaper, overtime your bag will wrinkle/slouch like that anyway. I didnt like it either and when I took it in they told me it was supposed to do that with time.
  8. Hi guys; my friend just purchased a Tivoli GM from ebay. It looks authentic but it has a high shine to it. Is that the way the Tivoli's are? Our Alma's do not have the same look on the leather. She is questioning is it is the real deal. Has s/n SD4009. Can you give us any answers. Thanks.
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    Hi, I suggest for you to post this question in the authenticate this LV thread and you have to post pix as well so they can help you authenticate it. Hope this help :smile: