Calling Timeless Flap Accordion Owners!!! I'm MAD!!!

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  1. I just bought the washed caviar 'Accordion' Flap in white. The store only had the beige in stock and DH didn't care for it, so I had the very lovely and patient lady ship a white one to me this week.
    Well, I got it today and I'm :cursing: because the sides are a different color white... very blue-ish, different texture leather, quite noticeable. Come on!!! How can it be possible with a $2500 bag!!!!
    Is this happened to anybody else, with any other caviar, timeless, classic new bag???
  2. That's terrible. Can you take pics and show us?
  3. Sorry that you are mad because of your situation, but I am not surprised that you also feel the same way I did.
    A few weeks back I finally got to see that exact same purse in real life, and the very reasons why you are mad, are the reasons that I decided against purchasing it. The blue-ish color and texture issue on a $2500.00 bag, your right, how could that be? I was so looking forward to finally seeing it and I expected that I was also going to be purchasing it, but of course I did not. I posted about my experience on a couple of different threads, sorry I don't have the links to them. If you want to read them (not sure why now after the fact) just click on my user name and find my posts on this purse. So sorry again but of course you can send it back, right?:heart:

    Actually I found the post that I was thinking about and copied it.
    The Thread Title is "Question abt the new timeless flap" here it is if anyone is interested on another persons view
    Default Re: Question abt the new timeless flap
    Originally Posted by washlz View Post
    It also comes in "orange' (rust/brick color) at Nordstrom. The color is amazing and I really liked the bag but returned it this morning because the inside is a basic cream canvas (very cheap) and the sides of the bag were actually lighter then the middle portion of the bag. Extremely disappointed after carefully looking at it.

    I'm in Canada and wait listed for this bag in white. Was all excited but when it came time to see it in real life my heart sank, the white in my opinion was not what I expected at all. I could not fathom paying that much for what was in front of me (no offense to anyone that has this color)The only good that I could think that came out of it is that I had just saved myself over $2500 smackaroo's. Sometimes I wonder if the more you pay the less you might get.
    I took this one off my "future loves" list in my signature and need a replacement for a nice spring/summer bag.
  4. WHA?! Are they all made in that same way?!
  5. Thank you Royal, I too I'm looking for a new spring bag and with all the metallic silver around and the 'dangerous' lambskin, the timeless flap was the only one that looked interesting.
    Jelly, I'll try to take pics but it's night time here and it might not show as bad in artificial light.
  6. well i just recently bought a classic caviar and the stitching is coming apart at the seams in the chain and there is a tear in the leather.. i haven't even wore it out yet! i mean shelling out $2000, that bag should be perfect!
  7. They Chanel Boutique's looked perfect on 57th St in NYC... I think maybe it is a defect?!?!
  8. I wonder if it's the same situation with the owners of the black accordion? :hrmm:

    I am planning in purchasing the accordion in black, but with these issues (as I am not able to see the item first before purchasing it) that the other pfers are having.. I am not having second thoughts. :sweatdrop:
  9. I had purchased and returned the orange accordian. This week I tried the beige one. So disappointed. It arrived from the Chanel boutique and the left bottom of the bag was indented and out of proportion. The caviar leather on the back left portion of the handbag was a totally different texture than the rest of the bag. The orange bag also had different textures of caviar and just isn't right. Also, in my opinion, the interior is so cheap.

    I just received the blue puzzle accordian and the inside is the same cream canvas. Unbelievable!

    It is like they are testing our stupidity of raising prices to ridiculous numbers and yet lowering their standards on the material and construction of the bag. The new medallion that they call pink but it is really more salmon looking, has a canvas interior versus the leather on the classic medallions colors. That does not make any sense to me.
  10. I felt the same about the interior, the plain canvas is cheap looking for sure.
    There's nothing luxurious about this bag.
  11. I have black. It is perfect. I do wish it was lined in leather, but that's all. I know it would be a lot stiffer and heavier if lined in leather.
  12. I have it in black and I love probs here!
  13. No problem with black! So sorry to hear about this . . .:shocked:
  14. I tried it on in black caviar and loved it. I have the lambskin coming so did not purchase the black caviar - although I am still thinking about it. I think they went with a canvas lining because it is more of an everyday bag. Leather lining would be nice, but it would tack on a couple of more hundred $ to the price.
  15. omg, i should ask my sis to check it out for me. Hopefully mine is in perfect condition otherwise I should exchange with other bag