Calling the speedy 25 owners

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  1. I agree with you, the shoulder strap option is a big plus.
  2. You’re so sweet! Thank you for your words of encouragement
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  3. I have 3 Speedys. I have a B 30 in DE, a red epi 30, and an empriente B 25.

    My big concern? What will be my next Speedy?!

    Love my Speedys! Hahaha! I often think about selling my epi because, I dont' know, I guess it's a lot of epi for me, but it is actually larger than the DE and it is so red, so I kind of love it when I'm not contemplating selling her.

    Always on the fence about that one, but I would certainly replace her with another Speedy.
  4. I have a MC speedy and always felt that it was too big for my frame. Decided against getting the speedy 25 bc it didn't have a strap (many years ago). This January I bought the speedy b25 in mono and I love it. It may be the most perfect bag ever made.
    Want it in DE just can't decide on size.
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  5. Had LVs for over 25 years but never got the speedy 25 until now. Should have been my first bag. But I got the B version and bought a separate bandoulier strap. It is the perfect bag for me.
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  6. My first bag was a speedy 25... about 10 years later I purchased another with the strap- and I don’t love the second one. I still love my first 25. If you have two of the same, even in another size, you will always love one more. I say get a different style and consider alternative brands as well. So many options.
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