Calling the speedy 25 owners

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  1. Hi all!
    I have a speedy 30 in classic monogram, and the bag is 10 years old. This bag was my very first designer item and I will never part with it. I have been using my speedy 30 to death, and it still looks good. I also think that it is a good bag to bring on vacation, with the possibility to wipe off whatever dirt on planes or other places. It seems that one speedy is not enough for me. I started to look into the DE speedy 25B. It is a bit smaller. It looks a bit cuter, and it seems the bag doesn't sag. Who would recommend adding the DE speedy 25B to my collection? Who thinks one speedy is enough and I should get something else instead?
    Thanks for your opinions!
  2. I highly recommend it, get an organizer with a strong bottom to prevent sagging!
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  3. I say go for it! You will have the perfect combo, mono classic 30 and DE 25b :tup:
    I don’t use a shaper or organizer in my 25, it doesn’t sag very much. Happy shopping!
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  4. I don’t have any 30s but I have the 25 in DA. It’s a love hate relationship. I love the way it looks! I love the 3 pc strap for total carry versatility. I hate the narrow opening & hate the tiny zip pocket - wish it were bigger so it could actually be useful to me. I only carry her in spring/summer so I can live with the “hates”.

    Since you have the 30 you are used to that type of opening. Not sure what the pocket is like in the 30.
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  5. Love the speedy b 25 it’s so cute as long as you get use to the opening you’ll be good to go :smile:
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  6. Speedy B DE is great, you can’t go wrong with the 25 in Bandouliere. As for more than one, I have all three prints. It’s such a great bag, it’s nice to have the option to switch out to different canvases depending on the time of year and what you’re wearing. Regarding the organizer, my 25 doesn’t sag so I find I don’t need one. In my Speedy 30’s, I do use them sometimes, but it’s more for organization purposes.
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  7. Many thanks to all of you! I will get it, and share in a reveal! Have a good day everyone!
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  8. ONE. SPEEDY. IS. NEEEVER. ENOUGH!! :graucho: I think you will LVoe the speedy b 25. It's really great for crossbody. The speedy b 30 always bumps into things which I found annoying. Check out some comparison videos on YouTube.
  9. Yeah and you are so right! Thanks for putting it in words!
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  10. Excited to see your reveal! Love this bag. The 25 and 30 are quite different so no worries having two. :amuse:
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  11. Thanks! I will post my reveal soon, in couple weeks :smile:
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  12. Glad your getting it, can’t wait to see it. I’m in your situation too but with a DE 30 and want a speedy DE 25B for the strap and cuteness and slightly smaller and lighter than the 30. I reckon you made a great choice. I see on the forum so many people with multiple bags and slgs, and speedies especially so why not. If it works for you then go for it,
  13. I've heard that the pockets are the same size on all Speedys.
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  14. I have a vintage Speedy 25. It's roomy but I don't like the small opening. The inside pocket (no zipper in 1992) is fine for me, as it only needs to carry my keys. The next bag I got was a shoulder-carry though, as it's what I prefer.
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  15. Yeah, we are 2. And just as you did for me, I want to encourage you to get the bag. Just go for it! Here is why:
    From all my designer bags, I have been using my speedy the most. And I am not alone saying that the cost per wear is ridiculous to even estimate. The speedy holds a lot, way more than other medium/small bags. There are no worries for whatever "scratches" at touristy places, in public transit, when it snows, rains or is hot, humid and sunny. Plus you always look stylish and luxe, even if you do sightseeing all day and then end up in a winebar with your daily clothes and accessories. Also, a big big plus: you can put it under your seat in an airplane, and wipe off any dirt even with 90% alcohol - because it is canvas, and there won't be any damage. What would be the reason not to buy the speedy B25 in DE? I am also waiting for your reveal!
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