Calling the Gustto Girls: What do you do about loose stitching?


Jan 6, 2006
You guys are going to jinx me. I have to say even though there is some unslightly stitches I don't have any unraveling yet. I looked my Persa over and surprisingly it looks a little better made than the Baca or Torlia. That is scary since the Persa is an older bag! I hope they aren't going backwards in their quality control.


& My Motos & Shoes!
Sep 13, 2006
There's been a lot of talk about loose stitches w/all the Gustto bags. I suffered something today that's MUCH worse - it made me want to cry :crybaby::crybaby:!!!

After much debate and back & forth, I finally made peace w/my blue Baca and decided that I would just keep it & use it "as is" (I plan on buying a new one anyhow, so this would be knock-around Baca) - so I decided to give it a test run today and carry it to work. I loaded up the bag (you guys are right, this bag is bottomless!!), got in the car & drove to the train, got on the train & went downtown, got off the train & walked to work - when I got there, I set my bag down & went to open the zipper when I discovered one of the gold buttons from the front of the bag was missing!!!! All that's there is a circle of blue w/a hole in the center! I back-tracked & retraced my steps thru the office (the way I came in) - down the elevator and out the door to the end of the block - No luck. I then called home & asked my daughter to look around the living room and check the car to see if it might be there - Nada! So now, I have this faded blue Baca bag w/a missing button the front!! (it couldn't have been the backside could it?? Noooo!)

I was so upset & aggrevated - after so much debate & finally making peace w/it - something like this happens!!

Has this ever happened to anyone else?