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  1. I have the PM and love the size of it, but have seen the GM on other girls my size (I'm 5'2") and it still looks good. I think since you've already purchased the bag and had it monogrammed, it's worth wearing it for a while to see if it grows on you.
  2. I have both, and prefer the PM for everyday. I am rather small so the GM makes me look a bit overwhelmed but it's perfect for carry-on (as I likve to take loads of stuff on flights, especially long ones) and as a beachbag.
  3. I agree! I have the PM and I use it as a bookbag, but I'd definitely use the GM for long flight (I don't currently own one). But I'd say it also depends on your size, as I'm quite small as well so I'm hesitant to purchase the GM.

    Don't fret, bagaddict! You can also fold the corners in on themselves to make the bag look and feel smaller. How is is going so far?
  4. I agree with the others - I think the size that you decide to get will possibly be influenced by how tall you are and the practicalities of how much you need to carry.

    I am quite tall, and I find that the PM is too small for my proportions. I prefer a larger bag, not to mention that I always have a lot that I seem to be carrying around.
  5. gah the more pics i see of this tote the more i need it in my lifeeee!
  6. Agree w/ tucking the sides in on the GM, like a BV Cabat. You'll love it more that way. The bottom of the bag isn't as long as the top.
  7. Have you decided yet, bagaddict? Best of luck :smile:
  8. I have the white PM for everyday use. It's nice because it doesn't take me forever to look inside it for my stuff. I would like to get a GM, but for traveling purposes.
  9. i have a gm in orange but pm in red,dark blue,black and tan and for every day use the pm is a lot better. my gm i use to travel mostly or as a beach bag, it looks kinda dumb with every day outfits (plus its orange lol...) so i think pm is more practical, good luck and your bag is really nice!
  10. boy do i want a goyard
  11. i've also got a PM v GM dilemma. i need a bag that fits my 13' laptop (yes yes i know i shouldn't be carrying my mac in such a delicate bag but i never carry any more than that!) but i think the GM is a big too big for me as i'm 5'5".....what should i do? does the PM fit a small laptop?
  12. I have the PM and it's more pratical for everyday use. The GM is nice too but I prefer it for traveling.
  13. one thing as well is that even tho the PM is a decent size for a bag the handle is a bit too short and if you're wearing a thick coat it may get uncomfortable!
  14. This was my issue. The PM size is ok, but the handles are too short for my liking. I'm planning to get a GM soon. :biggrin:

  15. I had Bergdorfs send me both the PM and GM bags so I could compare the sizes. I ended up keeping the PM and sending the GM back. I agree w/all who say the PM is great for everyday and the GM is best for travel. I already love my new St. Louis PM in black/black! :heart:
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