Calling tessie hobo owners

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  1. Does anyone own a tessie hobo? I'm considering purchasing one in oxblood but I'm not sure how it looks when worn. I've never seen anyone wearing one irl- only seen the official Mulberry modelling pictures. If you have had one for 6 months or more can you let me know how well the leather ages.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Never seen one irl either!
    Looks nice and slouchy here though:
  3. Thanks Kerplunk. That's the modelling picture I have seen and I love how it looks there. I'm just curious to know what it looks like full and whether it hangs well in real life. Hopefully someone owns one!
  4. I was tempted and tried on in store, for me the base is a little wide, same reason I didn't keep Effie hobo.

    Personally I would have preferred a darker lining, the leather seems to have changed since the original tessie came out and I prefer that leather to the newer grainier leather

    Also when carried in the shoulder the mulberry badge gets hidden and could be any old leather hobo.... Perhaps I'm being a bit snobby there as I think if you pay that much money, it's good to know the bag will be recognised

    I haven't heard or seen any issues with tessie hobo leathers and it's always looked thick and lush and looks like it gets better with age

    Happy shopping and please do a reveal, currently lacking these
  5. Thanks Louliu! Your points are interesting. It's true that the hardware is descreet on the tessie range. I hadn't realised that the leather has changed. Something to think about. I'll let you know if I get one. I don't think there has been a reveal of a tessie hobo on TPF as yet.

  6. I briefly owned one but sold it before I used it as it was really a bit too small for what I wanted it for and the lining scared me

    The leather was relatively smooth, however the ones I saw in store during the sale definitely had a more coarse grain

  7. Thanks for sharing. The leather looks lovely!
  8. I bought one of these for my friends birthday just about two months ago. It is a nice bag, not for me personally but I think it suits her very well and it is very comfy on the shoulder.

    Regarding the leather when it first came out it was all soft small grain and then they changed only the black to soft pebbled for a season but now it is all soft small once again. My friend asked me for a tessie in soft spongy-which has never existed- So in store I got to learn all about the history of tessie leathers :biggrin:
  9. Thanks for this. I guess it all comes down to personal taste. I'm still undecided!

  10. I thought i was going mad, thanks for confirming
  11. The hobo is a lovely bag, really comfortable on the shoulder BUT the colour rubbed off on the corners. The leather definitely doesn't age well like NVT though it is really soft, which suits it's style. I sold my oak but I still have my orange bag. I may sell that on too though.
  12. Thanks fifitrix. I purchased an Oxblood one a few months ago. I really like it and as you say it's really comfortable on the shoulder. It is quite delicate though so it's not one I use every day.
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