Calling some much needed opinion and pics!

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  1. Hi ladies!
    It's that lovely time again! I've been looking to buy a new bag~
    I can't decide which one I want!
    Here's the list of contenders
    1. Palermo PM
    2. Tivoli PM (though I'd prefer not to have another hand held bag and don't particular like the GM)
    3. Batignolles Horizontal
    4. Montorgueil PM

    Sorry for the long list! :love: I'm too indecisive, hence I'd love your opinions and definitely MODELING PICS please!

  2. I really like the Montorgueil PM. I like the BH too, but the Montorgueil is nice because of the zipper.
  3. If you are looking for a shoulderbag I suggest

    Batignolles Horizontal
  4. Palermo Pm .. (i have one):love:
  5. I would go with the Monty. It's super cute and would fit over your shoulder. The BH Is nice but the open top just doesn't feel too secure IMO.
  6. Well, I don't have any of these bags, so no pics, but I do have opinions!
    I try to go by process of elimination. Some things to consider,
    the BH has no zipper, so the things inside the bag are somewhat visible. To some this is convenient, to others, a security risk. Many people consider the BH a wonderful everyday go-to bag, and it is the most affordable of your choices. Of your choices, I like the style of the Tivoli, but if you don't like the hand held, eliminate it. Palermo is more of a tote style, but does have the shoulder strap option. I think it's a pretty bag though!
    Montorgueil is attractive, but pretty basic, I don't think it even has a cellphone slot. If you like the satchel style, it's new and nice.

    So, having said all that, I lean towards the BH, with Palermo being my 2nd choice.
    Hope all that rambling helps!
  7. Palermo PM ~ love the extra shoulder strap and the multiple pockets inside. Check them out in the Clubhouse!
  8. My personal preference is Tivoli PM. In fact, I think it is such a popular choice that my local store has not been receiving any shipment since early Feb.
  9. Montorgueil PM
  10. I love my BH. It may not have a zipper but it is deep enough that none of my stuff is actually visible nor in jeopardy of falling out. It is a great tote. I enjoy shopping with it, you can easily stick your hand in and grab your wallet! ;)
  11. The Bh has cell pocket but, it also has a pretty good size zipped pocket that you can put a small wallet in. It is a super comfortable bag to wear. I love mine.
  12. my vote.........Palermo PM...
  13. Palermo !!
  14. Palmero