Calling Rouge VIF & Jaune Owners, please vote for me..

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  1. I have been eyeing Jaune ever since it was annouced here in TPF...I am in so much anticipation for this colour though it took me literally a week to decide for the twiggy or city...I have finally made up my mind to go for the city..
    Unexpectedly this morning, I found a Rouge VIF city.. after browsing all the TPFer's VIF I really like this red..

    However I can't have both, but just can't make up my mind to go for the:
    Rouge VIF City or
    Jaune City

    Hence, all VIF and Jaune, please share your opinion as I need to decide by the end of today..
    I am still waiting for my Magenta City so I am thinking perhaps to go for the Marigold as I don't have any yellow bag, however..I JUST CANT MAKE UP MY MIND! :push:

    Will appreciate,

    TIA :heart:

    For consideration, here is pic of my Bbags, will I need red or go for the yellow?
  2. I only have a RV and have to say that I absolutely LOVE it! I have actually gotten the most compliments on that bag out of all of my bags because the color is just so gorgeous! I also really love Jaune and have never seen it IRL, but if I had to choose I'd go with the RV! Hope that helps and good luck with your choice, Aki Sato!
  3. I had an RV but I sold it I am Just not wearing the bright colors. But I loved the color and the leather was just wonderful so I vote for red !
  4. I have also had compliments made about my RV City, which is just a wonderful colour. I tend to wear a lot of black and grey in the autumn/winter and it really lifts any outfit. It would be my preference, but I also believe that jaune would look great with the right outfit.
  5. I have a Jaune City and it is a fascinating colour but I am mourning for the Rouge Vif First that I didn't buy so my mind tends that way.
  6. vif here!!!! its an amazing color!
  7. the VIF....such a vibrant color!!!! And red goes with everything...whereas the yellow you might have to be more careful with coordinating to outfits! time passes the VIF will be harder to find in mint condition! Whereas in a couple months the yellows will start popping up on eBay!
  8. I vote for the RV (I love reds!)... although the Jaune is gorgeous... i have yet to get into yellow bags... small accessories I definitely would... but not a full on bag... yet.... good luck!
  9. My vote goes to the RVIF........It's GORGEOUS!!!
  10. I vote for jaune, because you have alot of reddish shades.. Pink is part of the red color, right?
  11. :nuts: Thank you to:
    MarieG, Catcat, Lizziecat, Twiggers, Addicted Ali, and Cracker who voted for the VIF

    and: Jenova and Skytalon who voted for Jaune

    Majority has voted for VIF and I think I have made up my mind...I have to ask first what is the condition of the bag..if its a mint new condition I will go for the VIF if not I guess I rather pay retail price for a new Jaune City..

    Thank you again all!

  12. You're very welcome, aki_sato. I'm sure you'll be delighted with your decision. Sounds a great idea to go for a RV if you can get one in good condition or buy a lovely new jaune. Let us know what you decide and post us a picture, of course, of your new bag.
  13. I have a vf and it's gorgeous! Like a yummy strawberry - you will love it!
  14. I have Jaune but I don't have the VIF, I am a little dissapointed with the Jaune, I guess I will vote for VIF
  15. Rouge, I believe that it is more neutral than the Jaune, even if it is brighter. Post which ever you do choose!

    I wish you well,