calling rouge experts: please help

  1. my 1st thread because only you can help.
    I've gone thru the leather & colour references, as well as member's items to have an overview.

    I am now deliberating on the next H bag and it is the Kelly that I would like.

    Colour : rouge
    (but there are so many tones :- H, Garance, VIF & Vermillion)

    Leather: i like to own something that I haven't got, therefore not box, not clemence & not togo

    Your suggestions & inputs please.

    Thanks very much.
  2. rouge vif + fjord = delicious!
  3. Could you give us more info such as the colours you normally wear, your style, etc.? Do you prefer retoure or sellier kelly?

    Here's my personal favourite. Rouge H chamonix kelly with white stitching. Hello has one in 28cm and she looks beautiful carrying her chamonix kelly (post#11541).

  4. OR....yuo could wait it out for the new rouge piment!
  5. if you want exotics
    rouge vif ostrich palladium hardware or rouge vif croc palladium or braise gold hardware
    all fabulous in a sellier kelly
    or if you want regular leather
    rouge vermillion swiftpalladium retournee kelly
    or rouge H vache liegee sellier palladium
    or what GF said rouge vif in fjord is baboom
  6. Thanks Lilach, LTC & GF for your comments.

    I am asian with darker skin. I take autumn colours better, hardly in pastels. Sometimes funky, sometimes classy.
    This will be my only red bag i guess. Sellier (in-stitch), i guess for work & leisure.

    Thought vermillion is too bright but in mysore, it tones down nicely.
  7. baboom.. now i go check / search...

    or by any chance, you have one pic to show?

  8. BABOOM!
  9. [​IMG]
    Beautiful! On chamonix, i don't see that much brown undertones.
    I will skip retourne as it is more structured.

    On the degree of brightness, is vermillion brighter than VIF?
  10. vermillion has more orange to it than vif (in my opinion - I keep having to say that, these days). Retourne is the inside stitching - the pic you have above is sellier.

    I also think rouge H in chamonix has brown undertones, but my opinion.....
  11. i agree with GF (as usual) with one exception while it is true that vermillion is on the orangey side of the spectrum in swift leather it is less prominent then in togo
    rouge vif is the perfect pinkish red in fjord
    with rouge H in chamonix (and box) it is tricky that is a color i do find very inconsistent it can vary from burgundy brownish red to a clear true merlot red depending on the batch of leather and the year it was produced.
  12. I :heart: Rouge H Chamonix with white stitching. Unfortunately, Hermes do not make this leather anymore :sad:.

  13. Oh's one of my favourite leather :sad::sad::sad:.

    Sorry Gem, I didn't mean to suggest something you can't get.
  14. scale:-

    brownish --l-------l----------- l---------l---- pinkish

    H Garance vermillion VIF

    Is my scale right?