Calling Red patent owners

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  1. My Super SA just found the 10C GST in red patent for me. How does your patent leather holds up? Is the color too much of a "pop" when wearing? I also found the red GST in caviar but I already have the Navy and Black. Which is to keep? I'm think of keeping the black, blue, and red patent. All opinions welcome.

    PS I also have caviar black and 10c red jumbo.
  2. If you have the 10c red caviar jumbo, I don't think you should get the gst as well. The patent would be a nice pop. I have it and love it!
  3. I think the patent is TDF! The red is stunning! KEEP IT :smile: I think it is very durable
  4. i have the red patent flap! i :heart: it for sure. get the gst!
  5. I have the 10C red patent jumbo. It is very durable. I have used it several times since my purchase in November. I also took it on holiday in very humid beach climates overseas and it held up very well. Just wipe it a go. I also have the red, black, navy, and beige caviar GST. I you really love the 10C red and would like to add another red in a patent fabrication to your collection I would get it. You could get a lot of use with it during the spring/summer. I love my 10C red patent flap. HTH.
  6. I have the 10C red's one of the most gorgeous shade of red! I simply adore it..def a keeper :P
  7. the patent red... it's definitely a keeper of all time.
  8. Thank you everyone. I just love to hear what other tPfers think and it always help me. Looks like everybody loves their red Patent.
  9. ya keep it. its really stunning n hard to get.
  10. im bias as i have it and love mine..its a great pop of fire red! and patent always looks new and not hard to maintain imo
  11. I'll pick it up tomorrow. I like the 10C red, lamb, cavar , and patent. They are all look stunning.
  12. 10C red lamb > patent > caviar IMO. I was comparing the three for a looooong time at the boutique and I think the SAs could tell that I was on the verge of, uh, touching the bags very inappropriately, because they suddenly started bringing out random bags for my viewing. :shame:
  13. oooh.....just secured a red patent chevron jumbo over the weekend.....was feeling a little unsure but so glad to hear all the positive comments here! I was worried it might be a little too loud......:wondering
  14. Congrats! Please post pics when you receive yours.
  15. Hi..Red Fans!!! I may have missed it but does anyone have a comparison of the Red 10C patent and the New Red Patent Chevron??? Are they the same color code?? TIA!!:biggrin: