Calling Red Elisha owners, please!

  1. Finally I got my hands on Red Elisha but now I feel a bit bewildered. I love the shape and size and the smell but the color of the bag is noticeable uneven.
    It's OK on the front side of the bag but the back size looks very variegated, mostly red with many small blue-ish sports here and there. Also, the bow has a big darker spot near the knot.
    The tag says that slight discoloration is a sign of high leather quality; from that point maybe the quality is too high :smile:
    Please tell me if you see something similar on your bag? Maybe it is pretty normal and I'm just paranoid?
    I'm off to take a pics, sigh.
  2. It is not easy to capture but here they are:
    That do you think?
    elisha1.jpg elisha2.jpg
  3. Normal for real leather to show variations like that, yes. If you are unhappy with it though I would exchange it for another.
  4. I think your bag looks great. Just like mine...LOL
    I can understand what you are saying about the blue-ish tone to the bag and leather variation. I can see that in mine too. I like it. It's a personal thing I guess. If you really are unhappy with it an can't get to love it, you might as well return it.
  5. I think your bag looks beautiful!
  6. Thank you, ladies! I love the bag, too. The bad thing I got it from AE and they don't have red color anymore. I'd rather prefer to exchange it for another bag than to return it. I'll call them tomorrow and ask if they are planning to restock soon.
    Thanks for you support!
  7. i LOVE it and it's totally normal!
  8. Are your pictures showing the spots? It looks great to me!

    Mine has some lighter variation right around the seams, but overall the leather color is pretty even. Hope you can exchange and get one you're happy with!
  9. I can't really tell where you see the variations, but that bag is beautiful! They will likely all have similar variations, but others might have them in areas that you won't notice or mind as much?
  10. sure, pictures don't show the spots perfectly, except of the spot on the bow; but the back side of the bag is much more uneven in color that the front side and it bothers me.
    But when I'm looking at the bag I just feel I can't part with it :smile:
  11. It makes it individual, hope you can come to love it but if you can't send it back as it will always bug you!
  12. If it bothers you that much right now it probably always will. I suggest exchanging it for another, and if you have to wait until they get another shipment in, so be it. You deserve to be happy about a bag you purchase.
  13. What a beautiful bag! I didn't see anything that looked out of the ordinary, but if you're not happy with it maybe you could exchange it.

    I'd keep it though!
  14. OMG, it's just gorgeous! I love that shade of red!!

    I'd keep it. :heart:
  15. Unfortunately, I don't have an Elisha but I did closely inspect one at Saks...and I did notice blue-ish dots in the red. It must be part of the dyeing process and I didn't think that it detracted from the gorgeous bag. However, if it bothers you maybe you should send it back in hopes that you will be happier with the next one. After all, it is an expensive bag and you should be happy with it.