Calling Portobello Lovers- "4 Bag in Bag Styles"

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  1. Dear All,

    I am meaning to get a Portobello this season!

    I was looking at the look book and saw 2 different styles.

    1) A46149 (30x36x9) Calfskin with Suede Zipper Style
    2) A46153 (34x36x9) Calfskin with Tweed Clutch Clasp Style

    However, if you look at the Lookbook it clearly says 4 BAG IN BAG styles.

    I got an email from an SA with the portobello like previous season (flap style on the top) with CC turnlock.

    Do you have ANY information on this seasons portobellos? I don't want to make the wrong decision.

    Also, what about the handles, do they come down like last seasons? or do they stick up? I am so confused!!

    Attached is the lookbook and a borrowed pic of the clasp style. I dont know if it comes in one or two sizes!

    SO ALL YOU portobello lovers, please help with all information!

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  2. Let me clarify:

    The email I got from the SA this seasons portobello.

    which means, there is clearly 3 styles available. what is the 4th style?

    and what sizes do they come in? its all very confusing!
  3. Hey there,

    I'm looking into purchasing the black on black with calfskin and tweed one myself. Seeing your pic makes me a bit worried. If you go to and compare the one they have up on the site, you will notice where they puncture the hole and where the leather & chain's chain falls's different from the image your SA sent you. I don't think the calfskin handle falls down like the previous seasons. I think it just stands up like that. I will find out more from my SA and let you know!
  4. Here is a pic of the one my SA sent me...

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  5. The handles were floppy when I saw it a trunk show in NYC. Here's how it looked.

    ETA : I must add, that white and pink combo one is quite different from other ones though. The handles were lot longer.

  6. YES! I was going through the pics as well as the one om the lookbook and website the puncture hole is different to the white one which i posted! this is all just too weird.

    I am planning on ordering the Black/Black with the Clip (like the one on the website)

    The SA said it was the most "FASHIONABLE" amongst the 3 styles ( zipper, clip and flap)

    It is selling for 1990 euro for the one with the clip (website) and 1550 for the one with the flap.

    I am very confused about it.
    I told my SA in Paris to send the picture of the actual bag as I am also worried about the puncture for the straps as they are in different positions!!

    Please get back to me!:smile:
  7. YOu are absolutely right about the leather handles on the white with suede combination. They are longer as it is on the LOOKBOOK.
    I am not looking into the zipper style. Leaning towards the clip style as shown on the website Black with Black Tweed:smile:
  8. :idea:
    I got the same picture from Tem- Las Vegas Wynn:smile:

  9. I was being offered the BEIGE with black tweed combination.I am unsure as I think black/black is more classy and very good for travelling and also wont get dirty over time.
    the beige is however more contrasting, but I think I will still stick to the one with clip and black/black...
  10. r the new portobellos in stock?

    and the pink one is SUEDE on top so i may hang differntly as its softer
  11. omg! i love love love the white and black!! it is so chic! and i adore the white and pink! its such a nice spring colour!!
  12. Yes they are in stock in Paris

    Beige/black tweed is avail in flap style closure
    black/black tweed avail in clip style closure!

    its all very confusing cause of the sizes and the chain handles being in different spots!!

  13. This is the pic from my Paris SA

    Beige/Black Tweed

    She says the Beige is a darker biege and a little shiny..

    the pic doesnt do justice as she clicked it with yellow light so diff to see actual beige colour!

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  14. PRETTY!^
    R THESE AVAILABLE in the USA yet?anyone?
  15. Yes Jill soon soon.