calling PFers who own mini pochettes...


which color should i get?

  1. damier azur mini pochette

  2. regular damier mini pochette

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  1. i can't decide on a color! i LOVE azur. something about the combination and "creaminess" about it is very soothing. i was afraid i wouldn't like the vachetta on it after it patinas, but the mini pochette only has a little bit. i was originally going to buy the regular ebony damier mini pochette to go with my sporty once it comes out but now i just don't know. i have an azur speedy 25 too so the pochette could go with that. i also don't own any ebony damier yet and the mini pochette was going to be my first piece before i got my sporty. i literally can't choose a color now. and oh, i want to buy it in new york in a couple weeks (i still haven't decided exactly what i will be getting, it may not be the mini pochette even though i will get that sometime this year) so it kinda depends if i can even FIND the azur pochette, which chances are slim to none. anyone have it in either color? please help me decide and tell me why you think i should get that color!
  2. I got the regular damier mini because I already had the Azur pochette, but I really want the Azur too. They are just so darn cute and functional....oh, get both!
  3. I got the azur mini because it is a cute summer bag for going to weddings, brunches, showers, ets. I'll be using it as a clutch. I already have a mono pochette that I use in other bags so I chose the azur to be diffferent. Also, I am not a fan of pastels and I am real bad with keeping my bags in great shape so a bigger azur bag wouldn't be the best choice for me.
  4. i would have to see both irl...and that will be hard if i can't find the azur one in the city. i imagine they might be easier to get than speedies right now?
  5. i have a regular damier mini pochette that goes well with my damier alma. the regular damier print looks lovely next to the gold chain:love: so my vote goes to that. BUT i have the azur pochette which i love, too (it lives inside my azur speedy). maybe you should get a regular pochette in azur for summer? anyway, whatever you get will surely be a great choice.
  6. i would love to have a regular azur pochette. but i guess i could do either or in the do a regular damier pochette for my sporty since it is going to be a bigger bag than the speedy 25...and maybe the azur in the mini pochette? ahhh lol i dunno. but now you guys have made me want a regular pochette in azur. lol i think i'm probably gonna go with regular damier mini pochette and then get a regular azur pochette for summer. lol i want so much and i have like no money right now...hahah.
  7. i like ebony in a mini pouchette!
  8. i just received the ebony mini pochette as a vday present and it's so adorable. i think ya should get... BOTH. hahaha. they are too darn cute to resist!
  9. azur, it's just so cute:love:
  10. Love Azur! :heart:
  11. I love Azur and started collecting the mini first with the monogram. Last one will be Damier ebene.
  12. for the mini I would choose damier, but the regular size.. Azur.

    I just think that the brown/ black print looks better w/ the gold chain!