Calling Perfo and Miroir Speedy owners!

  1. I've never handled the bag tho I have seen it on display and tons of photos.

    I was just wondering if it sags like the usual speedy does?

    I kinda like that about my speedy bags and wish the cerises was a bigger one so it would sag a little better too. lol

    It looks so structured and rigid like an epi in photos.

    What's it like when loaded down with daily essentials??

    This question is both about the miroir speedy and the perfo speedys. TIA! :smile:

    I saw a picture of Lindsey Lohan with her miroir kinda sagging a little but didnt know if she was toting a bag of rocks around or what? lol
  2. i have the perfo speedy and oh yes, she sags :graucho:
    i think she sags even more because of the holes in the bag...i love it and its my favorite speedy! i normally carry kind of alot in it too but it sags even when its not totally loaded. hope that was helpful.
  3. Thanks sarahk!
  4. i bought my ex-gf the perfo speedy and it sags just the same as any other speedy. I didnt like the way the leather felt with the holes though, but i to this day have never seen someone carrying the bag i bought her.
  5. Perfo perfect for daily :flowers: I'm carrying perfo speedy now, to go to campuss, mall, etc. I can bring all my stuffs including cosmetics trousse, novel, agenda, little teddy bear, PDA, mobile etc even mineral water ( for my flight ) and still there's so much empty room inside ;)
  6. The Miror also sags a bit. I rarely ever fill my bag all the way up so it does sag somewhat, though not as much as the canvas ones do.
  7. Ohhh goody goody! I know everyone hates that but after seeing Lin Lohan's sag I just really liked the miroir better. I had saw pics of you toting yours LVbabydoll and it seemed so much more structured. Glad to hear it has some give to it. Thanks for answering!

    Do you tote yours often and which color more often since you have both??
  8. My Perfo sags but not too much.
  9. I have a perfo...and it doesn't sag too much like the monogram or damier speedy....epi speedy also doesn't sag....:yes: