Calling Patent Flap owners!

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  1. So now that I know Patent flaps are out there (thanks burberryprncess!) I'm considering purchasing one...
    Anyone care to share love/hates or pics? :biggrin:
  2. I have the Navy reissue flap w/ gold hardware and the burgundy jumbo flap w/silver hardware and love them both.

    Here is a pic of the Navy, don't have a pic of the burgundy yet (so lazy - I know).

    I can't think of any problems with them, that I have had.

    Hope you get a patent flap and love it.

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  3. Wow, Purrrfect, that's an amazing reissue. I had never seen it before but the blue and gold combo is divine!! What season was it?
  4. :smile: Thank you, It was purchased in 2007 from Chanel BH, I would have to check the tag at home.
  5. the only downside is that ur fingerprints will clearly be on the bag! lol. but hey, ull know it wen someone picks it up without tellin!
  6. If you pick crackled patent, there is no fingerprint issues.
  7. I have the Navy Mobile Art and love it- it is shiny so it feels clean and crisp- a little dressier even when I am dressed down!

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  8. I have this older black patent jumbo with black hardware that I LOVE and is super easy to keep clean.

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  9. The black looks so yummy! just like liquorice!
  10. Chanel makes really great patent. My fav is the crackled version as it is really fuss-free and doesn't leave fingerprints. So far, the 07 navy and black patent with gold hardware, 08 pre-fall bordeaux in goat patent are my fav!!
  11. I LOVE Chanel patent... no one does it better!! :love: My favorite patent flaps are the distressed flaps I have... I highly recommend them (no worries either). :smile: Here are some pics I found :smile::

    Pre-fall Bordeaux goatskin patent Jumbo!

    '07 distressed Navy patent Jumbo!

    This is one of my absolute favorite dressy flaps - '07 black patent!
  12. ^^^Love the bordeaux Minal...a pic is worth a thousand words! :tup:

    Need we say more?:drool:
  13. Here is a pic of me with my Jumbo Black Patent Evening Star - it has multi colored sparkles in it, although you cannot really tell in this pic ... LOVE this bag :heart:

  14. This one isn't mine but a pic my SA sent me of the Grey Patent Jumbo. I want this sooooo bad :Push:

  15. oh the patent chanels make me :drool:. i think i need to invest in one rather then the limited ed chanel union jack.