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  1. Since you are so good at this....could you find me a canvas tote bag for $50 or less? About mid size? I just can't find anything I like. Thanks~
  2. Hi Nishi, sorry I've only just read your post (just woke up :biggrin: ) Will try to come back to you today.

    Also, what do you mean by "mid-size" - it would help if you could give me approximate dimensions. Thanks.

    PS Re scarf - have you found one you like and bought it?
  3. Not sure-maybe about 15" wide x 15" high with 5" . Just nothing too big-you are so good at finding cool, affordable stuff-i hope i am not bothering you!
  4. Nishi, thanks for the kind words - it's no bother at all, I love looking for stuff online :biggrin: Presumably you have looked at the canvas totes on LLBean etc and didn't like them?

    Will have to look at the indie designers - this is cute but too small:
    Cha Cha canvas small handbag

    Also too small?
    Tommy Hilfiger now $41-25

    It's nearly lunchtime now (although I haven't even had breakfast yet :biggrin: ) and so I'm going to fill my stomach (it's growling), and will try to hand in my "homework" within the next 12 hours or so.
  5. Lovely scarves, Nishi :biggrin:

    Did a quick browsing of some indie sites and most of them do fabric bags rather than canvas. Must it be a tote, can it be a messenger (I love messengers)?

    MUST it be canvas?
    Blissen The Forest Friends Tote $36
    Not sure what material this is but I like the cute pattern.


    Floral canvas tote by Andrea Courchene (says on the site: only one in stock): $28
    Funky Flowers Tote by Andrea Courchene (one in stock) $28
  6. Doesn't have to be canvas-I guess I should say non-leather. Those are cute!
  7. (I agree, this one is cute! -

  8. Abandoned, I know - you love stripes (thankfully no sign of blue there :biggrin: )

    Non-leather? Wider choice then. However, here are a few canvas totes for your consideration (later, I'll look for non-canvas, non-leather totes :biggrin: )

    The last tote - I am smitten's antler canvas tote - it's really cute, will look for other designs and post them. 12" x 14" $15

    Non-canvas but I like Thea Starr's bags (apple tote $30, the other 2 "corsetskulls" and "maple slouch" are $34 each):

    Cotton canvas bags by Robot Arms - slightly over $50:
    Funkychunkyhandbags - The Girls Blue Glamour Girl Swagger Tote $48-95

    Funkychunky handbags - The Girls Kiwi Fashion Girl Swagger Tote $48-95

    LoopNYC has canvas totes in 4 designs, one being "New York ****ty" :biggrin:,668.htm,669.htm

    Franklin Covey St Croix Tote (canvas) - more of a business tote but I really like the look of this one (and have posted about it before) $79-95, wonder if it will go on sale. However, there is a part of the product description where they say a free wristlet will be given costing $30. Wonder if that offer still applies.
  9. Cutxpaste (run by someone in Brooklyn) and copacetic (based in Seattle) are two awesome sites with some really cool products but as they don't like people to copy pics from their sites, I'll post some links instead.
    Whodini Blue Hearts Tote $40 (I love the look of this one)

    Pic of the above tote off
    Please check out some of whodini's awesome stuff.
    Black partridge tote by maryink $20
    (it's canvas)

    Pic off
    Aqua patchwork tote by thimble $30

    Copacetic has so many totes I like, here's the link to the purses page:

    I love Whodini's polkadot parallelogram purse (only 1 left - is it still there?) on sale $24
    Copacetic pink psychedelic purse $36 (only one in stock)
    Copacetic strawberry tote purse $48
    Copacetic mod autumn purse $38
    Cherry blossom tote purse $48

    Love their work!
  10. Mad Imports has some great products and it's a company with a purpose:
    Stroll - raffia $25 (sale)
    Coast - raffia $25 (sale)

    * claps hand to forehead * How could I almost have forgotten that brilliant site, starsandinfinitedarkness, which yours truly stumbled upon via the ba&a grechenscloset?
    ATTN: New York Flowers deco tote $50
    ATTN: New York Flowers Deco-blue tote $50
    ATTN: New York small tote bag $42
    Chandi deer chandelier tote $20 - cotton canvas
    Chandi Jackalope pattycake tote $20 - cotton canvas
    1Aeon Pan tote $26
    1Aeon Owl tote $26

    Luchaworkshop is another site with some cute totes:
    Handpainted canvas tote $45

    Nishi, hope you find something that you like. If not, the hunt continues ... :biggrin:
  11. Crafters for Critters - this is a site with a mission I fully endorse:
    "Shop independent, help animals in need".


    So what is this all about, anyway?

    This is about simultaneously supporting handmade, independent businesses/crafters/designers/artists and rounding up money for animal rescue organizations. We use “crafters” as a sort of catch-all term for designers/artists/makers of things. We collect handmade/individually-created items and put them up for sale here. The proceeds are then donated to animal rescue groups.
    “Proceeds” means after actual shipping costs, PayPal fees, and the occassional supply need to keep CFC going (such as occasional magazine ads, business cards/promo materials). Much care is taken to make sure that as much money as possible goes to the orgs.


    Nishi, hope you won't mind my including other items from the above site besides totes :biggrin:
    Animal wristlet bags by Erin Originals $20
    Earthy embroidered greyhound bag by Counting Sheep Studio $40 (this one is so cute)
    Pink psychedelic bag by copacetique $36
    Tuffcooki Vintage Oilcloth Handbag $40
    Yellow patches bag by Textile Fetish $20
    Racing car handbag by Studio MitsuCo $42
    Coffee bean bag by Textile Fetish (interesting) $18
    Screened and stitched flower tote by Misshawklet $15
    Tape measure coin purse by erin originals $20

    Beccabags' messenger bag on that site has been sold, here's another of her creations:
    Brown roses bag $28
    12"H x 10.5"W x 3"D
    12" handle drop
    Brown roses shower the outside of this bag while a leather button with loop closes the top. The inside has a zipper pocket and two slip pockets.
    Like the simplicity of this bag, seems practical as well.
  12. Whoa, passerby, awesome finds! What great bags!
  13. Thanks, vanojr9. Actually, you have to thank the poster (can't remember who) who first mentioned grechenscloset here a few weeks ago, her site is awesome and it has links to so many great sites (especially independent designers). However, one of the problems with the bags made by these designers is that when you wish to order one of their bags, you find it's SOLD. Ah well ...