Calling owners of white lambskin

  1. I am seriously thinking of getting a white lambskin classic flap..They just look so divine. but I heard so many horrible stories about white Chanel bags, especially lambskin. What are the risks? I don't want to spend $1500 and dare not to even take it out. Are there any success stories? Thanks!
  2. I have a taupe lambskin clutch and, whilst I love it, it is a bit high-maintenance.

    I personally would NEVER buy a white bag at all, let alone one made from such a delicate material.

    Maybe go with white caviar, or else get a white lambskin and just reconcile yourself with that fact it will never look pristine.
  3. Any of the light lambskins would be extremely delicate. I had to return the lt beige one I got because I was too scared to use it. I ended up with the white reissue and a white python just for that reason.
  4. I have a black med classic flap in lambskin and a white med classic flap in caviar.

    To be honest, lambskin is very delicate and hard to maintain even I've got a black one. It shows wears after only few uses. However, thanks to the black colour, it still looks great. I can't imagine what it will look like if its a white lampskin.

    On the other hand, my white caviar med classic flap is very durable. It doesn't easily get scratch or colour transfer.

    I will strongly recommend cavier if you really want to get a white classic flap. It will definately last longer than white lampskin IMO.
  5. A few years ago when I first started buying Chanel, I purchased a beige lambskin flap. I ended up returning it. I'm very obsessive compulsive, and I didn't want to worry constantly about my bag. I do have three other lambskin flaps, but they are black and dark brown, so I worry less about those.
  6. I really want a white classic flap too, but am going to go with caviar's just so much more durable. I just know I would be really devastated with the wear and tear showing up on a white lambskin classic flap fairly quickly... :yes:
  7. I agree - the white lambskin would be a nightmare to maintain. My light pink lambskin shows wear so easily!
    You'll be fine with white caviar - mine is super low maintenance.
  8. I've had trouble keeping my caviar (white) flap looking good so I don't know how a white lambskin would be-Maybe if you're neater than I am!
  9. :yes: i would be too obsessive compulsive also. i even worry about my black caviar!
  10. My fiance purchased a wallet for me... the Cambon wallet that had the white C's. He informed me the SA told him that the white C's would be hard to maintain and that he should consider getting the wallet with the patent leather black C's. He showed it to me and I went back to get the one with the black C's. Every SA I talked to for an opinion on the wallet told me that white lambskin is hard to maintain and that it WILL get dirty... :sad:
  11. I had a white lambskin double flap in my hands but as soon as I saw how dirty the bottom was (from display) I said no! (I don't want to buy a bag that looks used!!) Anyways so I got a light beige (almost like white) and...first day I wore her - color transfer! But ever since I had been more careful and its not so bad...
    If you love it, get it. 2k is not a lot to spend on something you love...IMO, but be prepare for fast signs of wear!
  12. i own a white lambskin flap and i loveee the bag to death. its my first chanel and the only one so far ..and let me tell you, ive only used it TWICE. it does make me happy when people look and compliment on the bag tho LOL but very rarely do i use it. the second time i used it..i got this very very little black stain on the inside of the bag (i dont know how) but i already freaked out. since then, i never used it =( i take it out of the box to admire it sometime but other days...poor thing, its back inside my closet. i think i might sell it cuz ive been trying to save up for a new chanel - something more practical perhaps a blush flap or a GST or PST. i hope this helps you!
  13. Thanks I appreciated all your feedbacks! I have decided not to buy a white lambskin bag for the time being. I want a more practical one that I can get my money's worth by using it rather frequently.