Calling owners of The Shoulder Pouch

Feb 8, 2009
I am slowly (and strongly!) loving The Shoulder Pouch design! Finally able to see both sizes in real life recently (just very briefly as I was on my way to my other appointment).

Those who owns this lovely bag, I'd like to hear your experience / feedback / thoughts / pros and cons etc..
- Is the leather easily scratched or pretty durable overall
- Is the opening (small version) hard to get in and out? I notice the opening seems narrower compare to the medium Veneta hobo
- Do you find it hard to open the opening (do you have to 'pinch' very hard to open it? Would it scratch the leather easily?)
- In terms of what can fit inside, is it comparable to the medium Veneta hobo?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and thoughts :smile:


Feb 8, 2015
London via New York
I finally got the small after thinking about it FOREVER, and I have used it a few times. It holds the perfect amount for day IMO. The leather is actually really strong and sturdy. Soft, but scratches should break in and rub out. I love that it feels like a luxurious piece of leather furniture! The opening is slightly narrow, but actually easier than a zipper. It doesn't really fit on the shoulder (and I'm petite). BUT it has a handle so it's more usable for me as a mom than the pouch clutch which I do love. It's easy to carry in hand or on arm crook. I contemplated the chain pouch but it's actually smaller slightly inside and the chain seemed really loud and fidgety for day use. I do still want one though haha. They also are now making a version with a slighly bigger and longer strap! If you look on the website there's a small shoulder pouch that comes in only black and tan - that has a longer strap. I'm tempted to get one.


May 31, 2013
New York
I have this bag and it’s one of my current favorites. I have not had it for very long, so can’t speak for a long-term durability, but so far it seems to be very durable. I have two colors and both are definitely calfskin, not Napa (maybe someone more knowledgeable can tell me if it comes in both materials as I see Napa mentioned on the web page). I do agree that it is more of a hand carry or arm carry rather than a shoulder bag, however I can make it work as a shoulder carry if I’m wearing a T-shirt. The opening is definitely not as wide as the clutch pouch version, but it does not bother me very much. I do use an organizer inside of it and I like how it fits, however it is not an exact perfect match. Without the organizer the bag is much more soft and slouchy. The organizer that I am using is for my medium Chanel Gabrielle (the original medium, not that new smaller one).
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Jun 1, 2018
I bought one in march, the big size and it is definitely a perfect bag. The softness of the leather is great. I used it during the holidays, to keep all my important stuff with me, it holds sooo much. I was not very gentle with it, and even though still a young bag it seems very durable. Definitely would buy it againz