Calling owners of MJ Salma Bag

  1. I really love the look of the Selma and the way it hangs on my shoulder. The leather is really soft. It is a harder purse to get into as there is a drawstring and a clip to close the bag. I normally just leave it unclipped but that makes this banging noise. I find that I can't find a lot of things easily in this purse but I think I love it b/c of the way it feels and looks. I got that purse about 3 months ago but since then have only used it for my bday and a few other times. I switched to my Karoline, which is my new favorite. VERY easy to get into, but I have never seen it in black like the Selma. I hope this helps!
  2. Thanks gracefeng. I figured I would get that answer. I want to like this bag but I need easy access and don't want to not use it because it's a pain in the butt. Thanks for your help. I'll check out some others.
  3. May I cut in? =)
    I see a Passion Fruit Selma on ebay, the color is so nice.
    I am not sure if it's authentic though.
  4. She's got two Passion Fruits for sale with the same photos. Maybe have her send you pics of the actual bag that you would be getting. The inside zipper pull should have a leather tab. There should also be a black tag on the inside of the pocket with letters and numbers on it. Both the large opening and small openings should be lined in suede. Hope this helps. PM me if you want pics. I can take them of mine. I have a pecan small selma.
  5. Thanks for replying Grace. =) I won't be getting this, I just thought the color's quite nice. I just got another MJ bag, plus, I am looking at a Prada wallet. =)
  6. OHHH tell me which one you just got???:P
  7. Yes, do tell do tell! you always keep your purchases on the DL girlfriend... SHARE! :P
  8. Me likey! Woohoo on the great price! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. Oh, I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see pictures!!!