Calling Owner of Chanel J12 33 mm.

  1. Have you ever changed the battery and if so, how much it cost you? Thanks a lot!

    Somebody told me a normal J12 33mm. one without any diamonds is over 2000 GBP ($4,000) ? is it true?

    and price with diamond marker?

    Thanks a lot! :flowers:
  2. I'm not sure about the battery part, but the price of the J12 33mm with diamond markers is $4,850.
  3. I dunno about current price but i bought mine in 2005 for $3300 and the price gone up twice or 3 times since then..

  4. :lol::lol::lol: I want it since the white one first coming but at the end always choose to buy other watches instead and now It's time to grab her :roflmfao:. Hope it's not too expensive now.
  5. WOW! They've gone up over $1500 in 2 years! I want the 33 mm w/diamond markers also. And yes, it's $4850. Wish I would have wanted this in 2005!:s
  6. Still don't know the exact price so I probably will go to Chanel boutique tomorrow.
  7. Hi Vicky! I have the plain 33 J12. I bought it in Paris for 2800 euro, and I haven't had to change the battery yet, I only bought it this spring... I think it's really better if you hop on the Eurostar and buy it from France, the UK prices are always a lot higher, is that true?
  8. I just go to Harrods today and it's 1975 GBP. Too much than I thought. Might go for Patek (expensive but worth) or Rolex ( which I never like the style but it's a keeper).

    Have to think about it again.