calling out to Ms Piggy please!

  1. Hello my dear,

    You mentioned in your response to my Roma bag colour quest post that you saw the old petra colour when you went to the BV boutique and liked it. I still am at two minds re limo vs old petra for the Roma bag and as someone who's seen both colours IRL, I wanted to pick your brains pls. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello! Now that is a tough question indeed as both colours are classics and I like them. I have only seen the Roma in Old petra IRL and not the Limo. I’ll try to give you my 2 cents' worth ;)

    Limo being light gray IMO would look more professional on the Roma. Old petra has a softer warmer look as its purplish gray so its more feminine yet still acceptable for work.

    To me, both colours are really easy to wear in terms of colour matching (although Limo is definitely the no brainer) and occasions (work/casual). And would transient season.

    I personally like the Old petra as I adore the colour (I like variations of pink/purple – love the Poudre!) plus I already have the Veneta in Limo (oh dear, am I helping?) I was really tempted as the bag is so roomy (great for business travel) and the price to me is truly value for money (how much does it cost in London?)

    Honestly, you can't go wrong with either colour. So it really depends on your wardrobe/bags colours and what kind of colours appeal to you most.

    HTH, let us know what you decide and post pictures please!
  3. The large Veneta is £910 here and the small is £700 plus. I travel quite a bit for work too and love my dark brown Campana. Thank you so very much for the advice, muchos muchos appreciated! I think I'll go for the Limo (will wait for the payday in two weeks!) And will try and post pictures. Funny thing is the boutiques here did not buy the Roma in Limo, they all carry it in old petra. Found the Limo at a dept. store and had it put on hold. Thank you once again and pls do PM me if you feel like chatting about the evils of the finance world.
  4. You're most welcome, I am glad to be of assistance :biggrin: Hope I didn't confuse you with Magnolia and Oldpetra. I find the Magnolia pink (it's the colour for the Montaigne) too light and girlish.

    The Singapore boutique also has the Roma in Oldpetra on display (not too sure of other colours as I didnt ask). I am really loving the Oldpetra colour and might just be tempted to get the Roma :graucho: (other me :wtf: )

    Can't wait to see the Roma in Limo. Do post pics! Btw, how much is the Roma in London?
  5. It's £1,500 here.
  6. Hee. Playing the devil here! Besides being available in Old Petra, the Singapore store will also have the Roma in Moro and Pergamena :graucho:
  7. :nuts: I love Moro (it's so so rich and luscious) and Pergamena (such a delicious off white colour). Ok, must resist, must resist! :angel:

    Actually, I already have my eyes set on the new Pergamena french wallet!
  8. I need to check out Pergamenan but have seen the Moro. It is a great colour, but the SA said they wouldn't be able to dry clean that colour, as it is not pure white. Great colour though.

    I love the wallets too. I have a purple BV and a very very light brown BV (using the purple at the mo) and want to get a spring colour. Old petra wallets are all sold out here!
  10. A wallet in Pergamena would be so sweet! Except that it'll prolly dirty real quick :s I'm all for the idea of a wallet in Old Petra though!

    I'm gonna be popping by the boutique during lunch, and will try to see if they have any available for you, ms piggy! ;)
  11. Nymph I'll be dropping by too as I took half day off! See if I could catch you there! ;)
  12. Did you go, did you go??

    There wasn't anyone else in the store when I was there... And I'm ashamed to say that I totally forgot to check if there were any wallets in Old Petra :shame:

    I got side tracked by the Julie in Poudre, and also the small leather goods. The pink mobile phone straps are calling out to me! They're just so cute and pink! :yes:
  13. I will check out the wallets in old petra this weekend and will report back. Also, the pink anaconda wallet in the catalogue looks very very pretty.
  14. I arrived after 1.30pm and there was no other customer as well. Guess we missed each other. Maybe another time ;)

    No worries, I did check out the wallets. Alas, the only Old Petra wallet Singapore will be bringing in (yes, it's not in yet) is the large continental zip round wallet (with patent Magnolia pattern running through the middle), which I find too big for daily use (it's so large that you can fit a passport with cover on inside and zip up nicely). So I decided to just get the Pergamena french wallet.

    I didn't see the Julie in Poudre (or maybe I simply didn't notice). I was ogling the Roma and Veneta in Old Petra. The latter was a very sweet looking special edition with patent Magnolia running round the sides of the bag. I noticed that the Old Petra has slightly different shades depending on the leather used. The Roma is nappa umbria which is treated lambskin so it's slightly darker while the colour is softer in the nappa Veneta. I actually like the special edition Veneta as its sweet and trendy (but couldnt justify the price and I already have the Veneta Limo). There was also an Old Petra knot clutch in croc but the colour was rather off (it looked more brown than mauve!)
  15. A little trivia : According to the SA, the 3 new style introduced this season i.e. Roma, Sloane and Montaigne are launched and so named to commemorate the opening of 3 new stores in Rome, London (Sloane St) and Paris (Avenue Montaigne)!

    Hey, just a thought, maybe BV would name a bag Orchard in conjuction with the opening of the new standalone store in Paragon on Orchard Road (the Bond/Oxford St of Singapore) slated in June/July. LOL. (BV is only available now inside a dept store).