Calling out to Magenta Lovers :-D

  1. I'm wondering whether to get a Magenta 05 Twiggy or the LE Magenta? Does anyone know the difference between the two? I've heard some say that the color of the LE still cannot compare to the 05? Is that true or is their a very subtle difference?

    Thanks everyone!:tup:
  2. I dont have a Magenta yet but its on my wishlist, the 05 does look more vibrant compared to any other season:yes: I am not a pink person when it comes to Bbags, but the 05 Magenta is SMMOOKKIINNN':nuts:
  3. is the LE Magenta still available????
  4. I agree with chinkee21, the 05 magenta is more vibrant,imagine Barney :smile: and truly an eye catcher!
  5. :lol: I had never thought about that!! It's true tho, there is a resemblance!

    mischka, check out this thread:

    I personally would prefer a 05 magenta, because the leather is probably much nicer. But keep in mind that I have never had the chance to see/touch the LE IRL. I am judging based on pictures and descriptions by other people on here...

    An 05 magenta twiggy will be extremely hard to find, but good luck!!
  6. chinkee21 and balmotoraddcit- I know! The Magenta has been on my wishlist as well! :yes: Haha now I'll be thinking of Barney everytime I'm going to see a Magenta bag.

    mimi23 - I don't think it's still available in stores but I think you can still find it with luck on your side.

    firstclass1 and simmmchen - Thanks for the link! :yes: Very very useful!

    I think I'll be going with the Magenta Twiggy, though! I'm a sucker for bright colors...and I love Barney!:p Haha Can't wait to post some pics!:tup:
  7. There is a 05 Magenta on eBay right now, going for $1,800..sniff sniff:crybaby:why oh why did I discover Bbags so late??BOOHOOOO:crybaby:
  8. So I finally went for the Magenta Twiggy..:yahoo:

    I'll be meeting with the seller (who I love, love, LOOOVE to pieces! And is the most accommodating and wonderful seller I've met!) tom to get the bag but I grabbed a few sneak peek pics from her site!:p

    I can't wait for tom..:heart: I'm counting the hours..:wlae:
    P1010165.JPG P1010167.JPG P1010168.JPG P1010170.JPG
  9. YAY!!! she is just so gorgeous :heart:
  10. You absolutely made the right decision!!
  11. I just purchased the 07 Magenta SGH City and love it. I swear its the most gorgeous color ever.
  12. Congratulations!!

    You totally made the right choice, IMHO.

  13. Thanks anotheremptysky, ahertz, LVobsessed415, and hmwe46!:yes:

    I definitely do not regret my decision since I'm really partial to the Twiggy style (I think it make me look slimmer:graucho:) Haha

    Just thought I'd post a few more of the pics she sent me last a few hours, I'll be part of the Magenta club!!:yahoo:
    P1010232.JPG P1010233.JPG P1010228.JPG P1010229.JPG P1010239.JPG