Calling out to all the color experts!

  1. What is the color of this croc Birkin? It looks too dark to be BJ.:confused1:
  2. Looks like Blue Roi in croc. One of my faves!
  3. Whatever the color - the bag is TO DIE FOR!!!:drool::love::nuts:
  4. Tell me about it! I was crazy for Rouge Vif in croc until I saw this beauty, now I don't know which one I want the most. Two bags are out of the question.
  5. Is it glazed or matte? It's difficult to tell from the picture.
  6. Absolutely no idea on the colour but one thing I am certain of.. that is one stunning bag! Who's the lucky lady?
  7. I'm w/GT--looks like glazed Bleu Roi croc.
  8. Gorgeous Blue Roi croc!!!!!!! Really a show-stopper!!!
  9. I'm NOT an expert but I'm sure I saw a similar one in a thread and it was labelled Blue Jean. I remember being surprised but assumed that's how BJ shows up in croc.
  10. I think it's Blue Jean croc. I think Bleu Roi is darker. I could be wrong.
  11. Yeah, I think it's blue jean too - couple of months ago there was one on eBay :smile:

    Eye catcher / show-stopper / TDF croc :drools:
  12. CDL has one in BJ matte croc and it looks lighter, does not quite has the same distinctive scales. Oh, I am confused.