Calling out to 32 or 35 Kelly owners please...

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  1. I will be putting in a new order this week and following the purchase of my first ever H bag (black 35 clemence w/gh) I am now considering a 35 blue jean w/gh, but can't decide if I should go for a Kelly or Birkin in that size.
    I want to be able to use the bag for both work and casual purposes. Can the lucky owners of 35 kelly out there please provide any feedback? Pros and cons, how you feel about it vs your Birkin (I still haven't ruled out another Birkin as my second bag). Can you please help? I would also greatly appreciate your thoughts on a practical and lightweight leather, maybe swift/epsom/chevre (not sure if chevre would be possible in that size from what I read). Thank you very much.
  2. How about going for a 32cm Kelly? Very roomy inside! I'm just thinking that since you already have a 35cm Birkin you might like the versatility of a tad bit smaller Kelly that could easily to double duty as a work and casual day bag.
  3. A 35 Kelly feels smaller than a Birkin 35 because it is not as wide. I think the 35 kelly is a more all around bag vs the Birkin. I agree with S'mom that you might want to think about a 32 Kelly in BJ. Personally, I don't like the way BJ looks in epsom. Actually have seen a 35 Kelly in BJ epsom and it looked like it was made out of plastic:sad: Stick with togo in that color.
  4. I agree that 35cm Kelly is a more practical alternative, I have Birkins 35 and Kellys 35 and honestly think that the Kellys are more versatile and the bigger size is sooo chic. Smaller 32cm Kelly is an alternative to play it safe if you prefer but true modern chic in a kelly is 35 or smaller in 28 for evening. Kelly soft sided in 35 will fit a lot in it.
  5. gracekelly is right about the 35 Kelly not feeling as large as the 35 Birkin.....

    From front to back of the bag ( the depth ) the Kelly is less deep. It's the same width ( across the front left to right ) but not as deep ( front to back ) when compared to the 35 Birkin.

    It's a nice alternative to the 35 Birkin IMOP.
  6. 35 Kelly...35 Birkin Comparisons... Personal preference would be for BJ in 35 cm Birkin or 28/32 cm Kelly... : )

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  7. 35 birkin is great, you can stuff tons in it including shoes.
    35 kelly feels huge next to 32 kelly but feels smaller than 35 birkin to me since it has only 1 handle.
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  8. ;)

    Tough one for me as I only have Kellys 32cm, I just cant see me with a birkin I need a shoulder strap too badly as I normally have so many other things to carry.

    My ostrich ( rip) 32cm rigide Kelly I adored but funny enough not as much as my slouchy sloppy 32cm box.

    I got a sneaky feeling you are a birkin girl

    Are you going to go along and see Celine??

  9. blue jean is so nice, i would like to see you get that!

  10. this is very true................additionally i have never founn much use for the 32 kelly. its a little too big to have the ease and versatility of the 28, which is day to night.-- but not enough bigger to make a difference practically speaking. However a 35 birkin is heavy and big..........without the option of the shoulder strap. I would go with the 35 kelly in blue jean togo/clemence. have you considered a 35 bolide in bj ??
  11. Great thread Ebruo. I too am considering a 35cm kelly; for me, I think that size would be great for casual dress (I carry a good number of H accessories inside my 35cm birkins currently). Would love to see some modeling pics with 35cm kellys too.
  12. My first Kelly was 32 cm in brown box calf souple, a great all-around size nn that leather. I now have 2: 35 cm Rouge H box calf (souple) and 35 cm black vl rigide. The 35 rigide is very big and not casual enough for me because of the rigidity; the souple shape in a floppier leather is the way to go if you want to give a more casual look to the kelly. The Kelly is inherently more dressy than the Birkin. I also have a 35 cm Birkin in graphite veau lisse, a fabulous size for carrying alot. My choice for a great casual bag would be a 35 cm Birkin in togo clemence, or fjord. My choice for a bag that's good for a job into evening would be a 32 cm Kelly and a variety of leathers would work. The 32 kelly holds alot, but not newspapers and magazines. If you want a 35 Kelly, my advice would be the souple shape which is a little less overpowering than the rigide in that size.
  13. I have both a 32cm and 35cm Kellys, both soft leathers and I much prefer the 35cm. I'll try to find some modeling pics to show you the difference in size compared to body.
  14. Ok, found some, the first two show the 35 dressed semi up and down. The third is the 32.

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  15. ^ Great pics icechick. The BJ is absolutely TDF on you! What leather is that? I'm not a big fan of BJ in Birkin (don't shoot) but in the the 35 Kelly here it looks awesome. I guess the Kelly dresses up the colour, kwim.

    E, I think this is it, I can totally see the 35 BJ Kelly on you. Sold?