Calling out "Herbag's Owner or Hermes Guru" Please help me!!!

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Apr 17, 2008
I bought secondhand old style of Herbag size MM couple months ago.
I posted in Authenticate this already and the result was it looks authentic according to link below.
And I also posted in webboard in my country (Thailand).
Yesterday someone told me that my Herbag's logo is weird and might be fake.

Here is my logo. He said that it was the New style Logo.

New style logo pic


He said that an Old style Herbag should have Old style Logo (As you can see in the Second pic below).
I searched for the pictures of another Herbag.
The Old style Herbag does have an Old style logo.
The New style Herbag (Herbag Zip) does have the New style logo.
My Herbag (Old style Herbag) is an only one which has New style logo.

Old style logo pic.


I want to know that.....
Is that necessary that Old style Herbag have to have Old style Logo?
Is that possible that Old style Herbag come with New style Logo?
Please help me. Now I'm so confuse.
If it's fake I will contact the seller to return it ASAP!!!
Please Help me. Thank you in advance!
Here is additional photo of my Herbag.
Pic of stamp inside the bag.

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