calling out all the TPF girls who has the PINK Caviar Bowler or Cambon~~~!!!

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  1. Hello~*

    I am looking for a bag that I could carry as a everyday bag with casual clothes & jeans.
    I like the pink bowler with the big CC's (on ebay-

    and the cambon bowler.

    Anyone can share their picture with me? :graucho:
    anyone who has the bag?
    How do you like the bag ~~?
    Does it get dirty easily? If it does get dirty, how do you clean your babies?

    Or any recommendations for a chanel bag (everyday bag??)

    Thanks~~!!! :smile:

  2. I have one but I sold it recently on Ebay...seriously ...I dont think its a everyday bag...I remember when I bought mine its $1800 CAD but I sold it for $750 on ebay....*A big loss **sniff sniff*** But somehow I never regret!! since I got the bag I have only used it for 2 times and it was in my closet for a long period of time till recently i decide not to keep it...the bag itself is a nice bag but not the is too easy to get dirty...if I bought the black one at that time I dont think I would want to sell it of for half the price I paid....sigh...if you want a everyday bag I would suggest GST or baby cabas...
  3. miraco11 ~~! :heart:

    Thanks for letting me know!!
    I saw the GST on ebay but its huge in my opinion. It's 13" !! :wtf:
    I'm very petite, so I'm looking for a smaller bag than that.
    Do they still sell the PST & GST at Chanel (NM) ?

    I saw the baby cabas also. I really like the white color, but I know its going to get dirty pretty quickly, so I saw the black, but black is too dark for me!! :sweatdrop: hmmmmmm........

    What to do...what to do......

    It's so hard to decide!!!

  4. I have the small pink bowler. I carried it all last summer with everything, including workout clothes. I love it, & it didn't get dirty or require special care. It is small, but holds everything except a big Chanel sunglass case. You can put the sunglasses in there though. I bought mine at half price, I think. It was only $500. plus dollars. I don't have a pic, but maybe I can take one later tonight.
  5. OK. I found this pic along with the wallet I got on sale too. :upsidedown: I know that Syntagma posted some modeling pics of herself with this bag if you want to do a search. I was with her when she bought hers, & then decided that I had to have it too. :nuts: Found the pic & posted.

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  6. I used to have the Cambon bowler in pink with black CC, I liked the shape and style, but color wise pink didn't quite work for me, so I sold it. But if pink is a color bag you can easily carry, then go for it. I found the color easy to keep clean, it never got dirty.
  7. I have one and in fact, using it today. To me, it holds enough for my daily necessities. I had it since 2004 and has held up quite dirt or grime or scuff marks yet. Even the handles are still clean.

    Here are some pictures....

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  8. I have the pink cambon bowler. I love it, although it is a little beat up by now, because I've had it for a year or two and I literally used it every single day.
  9. I think the pink caviar bowler is ADORABLE. Im sure it holds plenty due to the shape (its kind of like a small speedy). I have another bag in that pink caviar and it definitely holds up very well. (its caviar!) The cambon line pink color does get dirty and I've seen it get fade spots too. I'd pick caviar over cambon pink.
  10. Do they still make this style??? I've always loved it!
  11. Hello~~

    KathyD-thank you for the pics~!! OMG~:nuts: your modeling pics made me drool~!!! Your bag is gorgeous~!!!!!!! I want one sooooooo bad now....
    It looks perfect on you!! WOW!!! looks great on casual clothes too!!!
    How did you purchase your bag for only $500??
    your wallet is soooo cute too!!!
    Thank you Kathy!!:smile:

    DD101- Thank you for your advice!! really?? pink doesn't get dirty easily?? That is great to hear!!! woo hoo~~!! :yahoo:

    burberryprncess- Wow!! you had the bag since 2004?? It looks like its brand new!!! do you take good care of your chanels?? it seems like it holds a lot too!! :graucho: nice!!!! Love your pics!! Thanks!!

    mcb100- yes, I wanted to get the pink cambon bowler cuz it seems like a everyday bag, and thats what I need right now!! I'm glad you're enjoying your bag!! hopefully I find mine real soon....:smile:

    Luccibag- thanks!;) Do you know what leather the pink cambon is?
    I agree with you that the caviar leather last much longer than others, and you can keep it clean and new looking for a long long time... (my mom has a caviar leather bag from chanel, dont know exactly which model though)
  12. I have the pink medallion tote... and I wore it all summer long and into the winter with my lovely pink cashmere sweaters...
    The bag is in good condition... the main areas of the bag still look pink and vibrant, only the corners and edges show the wear (meaning black marks wear the pink has rubbed off) but I must say I am not a person who babies any of her bags...
    After each use I would wipe it down with a cloth and be on my way...
    IMO- I would get the caviar leather instead of the cambone pink- like luccibag stated- the leather on the lighter cambone bags show dirt easily and are not easily cleaned.. the more you wipe off the dirt, the more the color comes off
  13. Thank you!!! addisonshopper~!!

    I really hope I could become TPF friends with good people like you!!:yes: Maybe later on I could get to know your names??
    cuz I feel weird when I'm trying to thank someone for writing and I don't even know their names!! I have to call them by their ID?? :sad:

    May I ask you how you cleaned your caviar bag? Do you just wipe it with a cloth?

    I really want the caviar pink bowler but I only see it on ebay and nowhere else.... I guess getting it on ebay is okay?? :confused1:

    Thank you so much~!!!

  14. Jina,
    welcome to the forum all the ladies here a wonderful !!!!
    I will formely introduce msyelf as "toni"... (chanel addict of 15 years)....
    feel free to contact me anytime with any questions....

    I would use a warm paper towel or some polish wipes I found at the drugstore...
    Most of the pink Chanels, from the classic line-(PST,Medallion,Bowler, etc) went on sale last year- even the wallets.. I unfortunatly paid full price for my medallion tote a few years ago. ( had I waited... would have saved over 900 bucks).. I would take a chance at calling some stores- Neimans, Saks etc and see if anyone has seen what you are looking for, might be a return or two somewhere ( stranger things have happened).

    If you do go the ebay way, get the girls on the authenticate this thread to help you- they are all the best.....
    I have an SA that might be able to help you, pm me if you want her info, she is a member here on the forum...TOni
  15. Yep, unfortunately I paid full retail price in 2004 when this color first came out. It was very popular back then. It looks brand new because I do baby all my bags except one that is used for the rainy days. Nothing touches this bag except a clean paper towel which serves as a barrier between the bag and the object (mainly table and chair where it rests). If necessary, I use a lightly moist paper towel for cleaning prior to storage. So far, I see no dirt and this bag has been used at least 50 times. It also holds a lot. In addition to the items pictured, it still has enough room for my agenda, calculator and small make up pouch, but I don't want to push it 'cause I'm petite and don't want added weight.