Calling out a FAKE!

  1. In regards to a recent post I just read about how you'd feel if someone thought you were carrying a Fake when actually it's Real.... I was wondering if anyone of you have experienced that queasy feeling when you see someone you know carrying a fake but they are oblivious to the fact that it is Fake. I never know what to say to those people because I don't want to be the one to kill their happiness but at the same time I feel like they deserve to know the truth. For example, I have a coworker who recently came back from her Birthday Vegas trip and she was gushing over these Dior sunglasses that her "Boys" (good male friends) got her. One look and I knew they were fake! She even showed me the case and said: "LOOK at this great case it came in." (Dior doesn't even make cases like that.)

    What do you think? Would you do them a favor and tell them that their items/gifts are fake?
  2. I dont say anything but giggle to myself, now if the person said something to me about my bag i'd giggle out loud and refer them to the LV store where they sell authentic bags.
  3. as for a friend.. depending on where she knows they're fake.. i'm mention saving for the real thing. If she doesnt know and could care less i'd say nothing. Because if she cared they were fake she'd hide them.

  4. :roflmfao: "she'd hide them..." I love that line. When I was 18, I was obsessed with the Papillon and my friend bought me a fake one. It was so ugly that it sat in my closet for 2 years until one day another girlfriend came over and caught a glimpse of it hiding in the coat/shoe closet. She said "HOW COME YOU NEVER CARRY IT?!?!?" And I told her the reason and offered it to her. She's been carrying it off and on for the last 5 years. It's so ugly but I guess she doesn't care.
  5. I got called out on my keepall 50 being fake and I had NO idea it was (I knew nothing about LV when I got it). It was horrifying! But on the other hand I'm kind of glad it happened because now I'm doing more research on LV and will NEVER have a fake again!
  6. I was recently at a wedding and one of my husband's relatives showed up carrying a nasty fake Coach (it was in fact a "Goach"). I didn't say a word. Bringing it up would have just made me look like a jerk.

    Now, with a CLOSE friend, yeah, I might say something, as nicely as possible.
  7. Someone asked me to verify her bag (not purchased at an LV Boutique) because she knew I only have real. Of course it was a fake and I felt quite bad for her. I said it was nice anyway (not true) and as long as she liked it, who cares? I guess that's true, but I hate thinking about the criminals that get away with ripping off Vuitton. If not purchased at LV or eluxury odds are it's probably a fake. I saved a long time to get my first (an Alma) and I'm glad I didn't get impatient and buy a fake.
  8. :roflmfao: I thought I was the only one that called them "Goaches", those hideous G's
  9. ITA. If it was someone I didn't know, I wouldn't say anything. I would be thinking in my head, "Wow that's horrible," but I wouldn't call them out on it.

    If it was a close friend I might drop hints, but even then, I wouldn't want to lose a friend over something like that. It's something that a person can take pretty personally I imagine.
  10. I was at a 2nd hand charity shop where they were reselling a GUCHI!!! Whomever had priced it had no idea how to spell as they had plopped 90 bucks on it - for a 2nd hand "GUCHI" LOLOL!!! I told the sales girl how the brand is spelled and she shrugged her shoulders and walked away!!! I guess they don't care if something is fake if it's a donation and are not personally profiting off of it... not like THAT will ever sell!
  11. It depends. If they don't seem to care too much then I just usually keep my mouth shut. I feel bad for people that can't tell so I just leave them alone.
  12. There is a similar thread in this same section started by someone whose co-worker made remarks about her designer bag.

    My comment in that thread was that in my view, the only situation where it is appropriate to comment on other peoples' personal appearance, clothing, or accessories, is if you are paying a sincere compliment.

    I will say the same thing in this thread. Hm. I guess I already did, in the preceding paragraph! ;)
  13. I saw a woman strolling down the street with a Chanel bag that looked so ridiculously fake, but she was also carrying a paper bag from the Chanel store which looked like the bag had been in it (size, dust bag etc). So although my first instinct was that it was fake, I found it hard to believe she'd have just taken it in the Chanel store, and bought something else huge in there.
    I see so many women in my office with fake Coach, fake Prada etc, they just look terrible. I also think that these women need to realise that if they don't dress the part then of course people are going to think their bags are fake.
  14. Well in that subject I think it is a bit touchy...but I cannot help but laugh :roflmfao: to myself with someone is carrying a fake bag. I just saw at a flea market this fugly fake LV speedy (vintage), so I guess if you didn't know it could pass for a real selling for $15.00 dls....and I thought :throwup: and then this past Sunday I saw a lady carrying that same bag at the same flea market.......:amazed:....and another time this lady got touchy with me at a goodwill store, because she was all bugging the sales lady to please unlock her this coach bag, they had there for 50 dls...and was making a rant on how she coudln't believe it was so nice and she was taking it....:wacko: she kept on telling her mother how it was an expensive leather bag....etc...and she found it at such a steal....and so curiosity got me so I went up to her and looked at the bag before the SA unlocked it..the lady gave me this look and said what are you doing...the bag is mine I'm already taking it, and I took one look inside and said :boxing: Oh it's a fake..and I wouldn't be caught dead carrying it...and walked off...she gave this horrid look,:blink: and needless to say she did not take the bag...:bagslap:
  15. I would let them know in a tactful way.