Calling OTTONE owners.... a question please...

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  1. ... do you find this colour a little too loud, too flashy for day use on a good size handbag? Just want to hear some opinions. Thanks ahead, TPF'ers.
  2. i don't think ottone is too flashy for daytime use. i use my bag all the time and i never dress up. i am strictly jeans and t-shirts. i like a great bag and shoes and that's my statement. so ottone is perfect for me. it is an interesting color in that sometimes it is quite muted and in the sun it sparkles. the individual strips are very textured and tonal. i love it but i love things that sparkle. i actually don't think it is flashy at all. i guess it is personal preference. here is a close up of the ottone. hope this helps.
    ottone close up.jpg
  3. ..... ... I'm asking becos' I love this bag (had it for a day IRL but in a darker colour) and it's in Ottone, a colour I've not really seen IRL and other than the gorgeous Ottone Cabats here..... so, just want to hear some opinions....
  4. annie9999, thanks, but can't see your pic but I think I've seen it in your other posts..... I love your Ottone Cabat, but am now wondering if the Ottone would look as nice and as versatile in a bag of that design wich I'm bidding. Thanks for your thots, this is what so great about TPF - you all!
  5. mlbags- i too love that bag and have seen it in the ottone and it is fabulous. i wanted to get it but it is strictly a hand held bag and that is a deal breaker for me. i need a bag to go over the shoulder. otherwise it is tdf and the ottone looks and feels great in that style bag. it is a hard call to buy a bag on eBay that you haven't seen irl. good luck it is a hard decision.
  6. annie9999 - oops, yes, can now see your pic.... thanks.
  7. Hi mlbags! I'm with annie999 on this one. I don't think that the ottone is too flashy at all. It takes on diff colours - under the sun, in the shade, under diff lighting conditions at night,etc.

    It is also so easy to dress up or down...add a diff colour twilly or scarf and you'll be able to match it up for any occassion, day or night.

    I just saw the handbag you're looking at, I haven't seen it IRL though...good luck!:flowers:
  8. mlbags-
    the ottone is perfect for everyday use IMO. I dont dress up anymore since i dont work now so I am a jeans t shirt type of person. I find it extremely easy to match any color in the wordrobe. love the color and it's perfect for all year round.
    hope this helps!
  9. Ladies!

    All the Ottone Cabats are making me soooo jealous! But all of you carry them so well and deserve them so! :tender:

    mlbags - I think the Ottone is a stunner by itself, and even though it's a metallic colour, it seems to be a great "neutral" too! Like gold jewelry that goes with most outfits :graucho:
  10. I already replied in the other Ottone thread. It's a subtle sparkle, not glaring or loud at all. I can see it being used in daytime.
  11. I got to see several ottone pieces in person this weekend, so now I can say that yes, you can definitely wear it during the day. it's not blingy at all.
  12. Lovely friends..... thank you all for putting in your comments... thank you for giving me your time!!! :heart: you all!
  13. Ottone is def a day to night colour. Versatile. You could always tone it down during the day by dressing down (maybe with jeans) and/or simpler outfits and accessories. In person, the colour is less intimidating.