calling online shoppers>> what mailing services do you use

  1. when you need to return an item to the seller/shops? fedex? ups? Any suggestions?

    I need to return an item but unsure of which services i should use. I am paranoid about having the item lost in the mail. canada post will only insure the item for up to 1000 dollars (my purse is >2000 dollars) so that's out of the question. I heard unpleasant stories with UPS. what are your recommendations?

    Also, what kind of documents would i need to ship across the border? If you know, please let me know!
    thanks in advance!
  2. On choosing a shipping service, I usually go with USPS, as the service is fairly reliable and fast.
    No sense in taking air letter or whatever it is called, it's expensive and doesn't go any faster.

    When returning, I'll use whatever carrier they used OR if it requires tracking, the postal service with tracking.
    I'll stay out of the FEDEX/UPS thing as they charge + tax.
  3. I usually use USPS, since I have to check my PO every day, but some places include an RMA (return merchandise authorization) with the shipment, and then I just use that. Fed Ex is ALWAYS good!
  4. UPS or FedEx.

    As a business owner who has been shipping worldwide for 5 years, I would never trust my expensive parts to the USPS.

    Isn't piece of mind and a valid tracking number worth a little extra money?

    Just my .02; but UPS or FedEx are trusted, reliable, and traceable.

    Oh, and when you go to process an International shipment, the person at your local fedex kinkos or UPS store will help you with the documents.
  5. UPS always and have never had any problems.