Calling on My Peeps to Locate This Bag (BR4113)

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  1. I could just kick myself! I saw this bag on sale at Saks for $890 about two weeks ago, and I didn't buy it. It's the BR4113 in bianco. Now I can't find it! Please let me know if any of you see it. If you have a SA extraordinaire who can get his hands on one for me, please send me a PM. That way I'll be sure to get your response.

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  2. Ugh... I think the SoHo store had it for 70% off last Friday to Sunday :sad:
  3. Forgive me, ignorant Californian that I am, would that be a Saks in SoHo?
  4. No I think she means Prada Soho--the boutique. They just had a sale 70 percent off some bags.