Calling on all sac de jour owners

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  1. I just purchased a black sac de jour a few weeks ago and absolutely loving it, but yesterday i noticed that the side straps have quite deep horizontal scratches. It is very obvious that this happend when i adjusted the sides, wich i only did like 5 times or so.
    I'm not one to really baby my bags but i don't think this is normal. I have to be able to adjust the straps without damaging them right?
    So did anyone experience the same problem? Here is a pic of the scratches, do have to say they are far more visible irl
  2. i have not had that issue
  3. Thanks for your reply
  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry! I have not had that problem, but prob because I don't unsnap and pull those straps thro the holes, only done it around twice. It's easier for me to just leave them snapped. But know that I saw your thread, I'm really not going to do it. I am so sorry, that's heartbreaking, but it's a good warning to others.
    I'd do some investigating, feel up and around where the leather slides thro (if you can) to see which parts are roughing your pretty girl up and see what you can do about it.

  5. Thanks for your tips and reply.
    I will take her back to the boutique, because they told me when i purchased the bag that if i had quality issues within a year, they would send it back to SLP. I don't really baby my bags, but this is unacceptable to me.
  6. Brilliant, good luck!