Calling on all metallic Paddy owners for info...

  1. Since I am contemplating a metallic Argent Paddy, I was wondering if the metallic wears off as I have heard about the metallics wearing badly. Can you still use Apple conditioner on it or is it best left completely untreated? How do the handles/corners wear...a lot more than a noir or muscade for instance? Thank you!
  2. I heard the first argent paddy in 06 rubbed off and there was brown underneath.... but I think a cobbler can fix it. I had this happen to my metallic silver shoes and brought them in to get touched up and voila, it was good. I also think the lighter the metallic, the more obvious it is.
  3. I have a silver paddy and it has rubbed off in a few placed exposing brown. It did not take much for it to rub off. I think I'm done with Chloe metallics.
  4. I think if you are worried about rubbing then the metallics range is prob not for you as it appears even the new ones rub. If you are not worried about the rubbing then go for it as its gorgeous.
  5. Hi there,
    It has worn off slightly on mine; I haven't treated it and have worn it to death as it was my only designer bag (for a while!) It hasn't peeled off; rather just rubbed off slightly on edges.
    But to be honest it doesn't bother me and I think it looks rather attractive and adds to it's charm? Maybe I'm weird but I love my metallic!!
  6. I have worn the aubergine on most days since I bought it. The most obvious wear is on the handles... first the top aubergine layer rubs off revealing a silver cast and then underneath it is black leather. I have also noticed that where the padlock hangs in front of the bag there is also some colour coming off.

    I also posted pictures on this forum of the damage my waist belt did to the side of my paddy.... needless to say I don't wear that belt anymore when I'm using that bag. You can see the pics here (also a pic of the handles): (post 26 and 27)

    But I agree with Ellay that it just adds to the bag's character.

    HTH :smile:
  7. I bought a metallic aubergine Paddy from NAP, wore it gently 3 or 4 times and the colour rubbed off on the corners, the underside of the handles and in a couple of patches on the bag - I sent it back and got a full refund. I think mine must have been a particularly bad example but an example all the same of what can happen :push:
  8. So did they give you the refund after the 7 day period and after you cut the tag off? I just got the anthracite tote and just LOVE it. I am a bit worried though about how it will wear. I will feel a lot better if I have the flexibility to return to NAP if something happens soon after wearing. Thanks for the help!
  9. Hi Green Eggs - sorry for the delay ;)

    I had my Paddy for about two months before I returned it. I called up NAP and explained what had happened and they gave me an RMA and told me to post it back straight away. They sent it to their internal quality control and agreed to give me a refund without any problem at all. The metallic rubbed off quite bad on mine after only a few uses and so they were very reasonable about refunding me. Like I said, I think my poor paddy was a particularly bad example and hopefully you will have no such problems :flowers:
  10. aw Bal thats a shame - hasn't stopped your addiction though I hope!