Calling on all experts.

  1. I need help. After spending some time doing research on this bag, I feel I need to ask the experts whom have this bag or just know a lot about it. The Classic Flap Jumbo in Red. Is it still being produced? Lambskin or Caviar *which is less likely to scratch? I want to purchase this bag for my sister. She’s the only girl in the family so of course she deserves only the best.

    Here’s a photo I found on here of Mary-Kate with the bag.


    Experts I need your help!
  2. Caviar is Chanel's most durable leather, lambskin is their most delicate.
    That said, I know nothing about what reds are available in the flap!
  3. There will be a dark red caviar coming in this fall. I don't know about Jumbo size, but I think my boutique (south coast plaza) will get it in medium....but the dark red won't be the color shown on your pic, it will be darker I think...
  4. are they going to have that purse in the fall? i'm saving up my money for my first chanel, i saw that purse in the new issue of Vogue, and i fell in love with it. i hope it will be there :cry:
  5. When I asked in paris on the colours they had they said black, brown, grey and pink!:shrugs: